Gr.7 - 9 Online Interactives

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Changing Illusions site description for Changing Illusions
This Exploratorium site lets you look at illusions and make adjustments to see the effects on the illusions. Don't miss the "next illusion" button. Note: this activity will not work in Chrome.

SENET: A Board Game from Ancient Egypt site description for SENET: A  Board Game from Ancient Egypt
This online game, for two players challenges your ability to anticipate and plan moves around the Board, using the throwing sticks to determine your moves. Note: this activity will not work in Chrome.

Fidgits site description for Fidgits
Fidgits have to move, but they can't get anywhere on their own. Your goal is to bounce, flip and roll the Fidgits safely to their box.

Isle of Tune site description for Isle of Tune
Create an island of music! Build a road[s] and add houses, lamp posts, flowers, etc - each of which adds a music note to your map, which you can personalize. Challenge yourself to make a complex island. Check out the shared islands to be inspired!

Mazeworks site description for Mazeworks
Try out some of these brainteasers, many of which have their beginnings as wooden puzzles.

Chat Noir site description for Chat Noir
In this game, you have to click the circles, trying to keep the cat from escaping out of the board.

Launchball site description for Launchball
The Science Museum of London has developed an amazing tool for learning the concepts of motion, forces, electricity, magnetism, light, and so much more. You can bounce and slide your way through the developed levels or get creative and make your own level.

Senses Challenge site description for Senses Challenge
Test your understanding of your senses in this 20 activity challenge! This also tests your knowledge of brain activity and optical illusions.
lenge/senses.swf Games that Make You Think site description for Games that Make You Think
All of the activities at are created to be both fun and educational. Let's Play! Try Maze Craze, Galactic Journey and Mosaic Design.

Froggy Switch site description for Froggy Switch
The goal is to switch the green (G) and brown (B) frogs such that the green frogs are on the right and the brown frogs are on the left. A frog may hop onto an adjacent empty stone or leap over another frog onto an empty stone. Click on the red arrowhead next to "REINICIAR" to begin/restart and click...

Dare to Compare site description for Dare to Compare
"So, how do you compare with students from around the world? Pick a subject, a grade and how many questions (230 currently in database) you want to see, then click the Show Questions button." [site introduction]

Who Wants to Win a Million Dollars? The Science Game site description for Who Wants to Win a Million Dollars? The Science Game
This fun online game is modelled after the "who wants to be a millionaire" TV game. Test your science knowledge as you work toward the "big" money!
Displaying 12 Great Resources