Grade 7-9 Net Smart Interactives

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Secure my Cyberspace: Tiki Flip site description for Secure my Cyberspace: Tiki Flip
Play this memory game and find matches for Virus, Trojan Horse, Adware and Spyware. When you find the match, you will hear a description of that term.

Trusted Adults can Help You site description for Trusted Adults can Help You
If you see stuff online — or in the real world, for that matter — that makes you feel uncomfortable or scared, talk to an adult you trust about it. This video explains why it’s important to seek help from adults when you need help.

Stick with Your Real Friends site description for Stick with Your Real Friends
This video explains why it’s important to stick with what is real and think twice before accepting online friend requests for people you don't know in real life.

NS Teens: Website Warrior site description for NS Teens: Website Warrior
"Mike’s website has been hacked! Help him defeat the viruses, phishers, and Trojan horse before they ruin everything."

Admongo site description for Admongo
This is an interactive game, with many environments to explore, that helps you to spot all of the advertising that is around us during our day.

NetSmartz: NS Teens Challenge site description for NetSmartz: NS Teens Challenge
Are you smart about your online actions? This NSTeens interactive has 5 short videos along with a specific challenge for each topic.

Which Internet User are You? site description for Which Internet User are You?
Answer all of the questions in the quiz on this page and you'll be matched up with a NS Teens character. What kind of tech user are you?

Can You Keep it Private? site description for Can You Keep it Private?
This NS Teens quiz asks some important questions about passwords and what you post online.

NetSmartz: Friend or Fake site description for NetSmartz: Friend or Fake
In this video, Keyan’s new online friend wants to take up all of his time and meet face-to-face. What will his friends say about this? site description for
These animated videos from New Zealand are a great, fun way to get to know the risks we face online. Watch the episode and then review the guidelines to help you avoid the dangers.

Rescue Run site description for Rescue Run
It's up to you to save your friends from meeting people offline. As you run through the neighbourhood, use the up arrow to jump. Catch your friend before the meeting.

Jo Cool or Jo Fool Cybertour site description for Jo Cool or Jo Fool Cybertour
This Canadian activity from MediaSmarts invites you to "take a CyberTour with Josie and Joseph Cool, as they visit their twelve favorite Web sites, and decide whether or not they're making smart choices". [site introduction]

Cyberbullying: Broken Friendship site description for Cyberbullying: Broken Friendship
Watch this animated video to see what happens when: "A friendship is broken when a teen gives her best friend's password to some other girls at school." (site)

Netsmartz: Amy's Choice Video site description for Netsmartz: Amy's Choice Video
Hear the true story of a 15-year-old girl who left home to meet in person with a man she first "met" online. You can also read the story from her mother's perspective.
Displaying 14 Great Resources