Grade 7-9 Net Smart Interactives

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MediaSmarts: Click if You Agree site description for MediaSmarts: Click if You Agree
Click if You Agree is a game that helps you develop the skills and confidence to read privacy policies and terms of use instead of just clicking on the “I agree” button. There are four scenarios to read through, choosing the most relevant parts of the policies.

Haters and Trolls site description for Haters and Trolls
Here's a video with tips for how to deal with haters and trolls online.

Netsmartz: Choices and Cheaters site description for Netsmartz: Choices and Cheaters
Scroll down through this graphic novel about the choices students can make when writing an essay.

Attitude Overdrive site description for Attitude Overdrive
This is an NSTeens video about acceptable behaviour when playing an online game. Are you being competitive, or are you crossing the line and being a griefer? site description for
This site is designed to help teens develop safe and respectful texting practices. Features include an accronictionary (a guide to text abbreviations), textual relations 101, games and quizzes (in the Xtras section).

Digital Etiquette - POP Quiz! site description for Digital Etiquette - POP Quiz!
Take this POP Quiz about digital etiquette, important for IM, texting and message boards.
Displaying 6 Great Resources