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NASA: Apollo 13 site description for NASA: Apollo 13
From NASA, read the Apollo 13 Mission Summary, details on the Apollo 13 accident, a detailed chronology of the accident, and much more.

NASA: Food and Cooking in Space site description for NASA: Food and Cooking in Space
This is a journal entry by an astronaut on the International Space Station. She describes her cooking adventures, without gravity, but with the help of duct tape.

NASA: Kennedy Space Center site description for NASA: Kennedy Space Center
This page provides access to a range of information about Kennedy Space Centre, including missions, events, and news. Be sure to look through the multimedia files.

NASA: Living in Space site description for NASA: Living in Space
This NASA article is directed to students in grades K-4. The article describes how astronauts stay strong, clean and neat while in space.

NASA: Videos site description for NASA: Videos
NASA has so many web sites and resources it is sometimes difficult to find something useful. This page has a well-organized list of video references. "This page is meant to be an overarching guide to digital video and animation related to NASA and space exploration." (site)

Astronautics Vocabulary site description for Astronautics Vocabulary
The Canadian Space Agency has an extensive glossary to help all amateurs understand astronautical terminology. PS - astronautics is "the science and technology of spaceflight".

Daily Life in Space site description for Daily Life in Space
Here's a description of a day in space for an astronaut, written by the European Space Agency

Stardust: NASA's comet sample return mission site description for Stardust: NASA's comet sample return mission
NASA's Stardust spacecraft has returned to earth to deliver pristine samples of comet material. Visit the top 20 Stardust images as chosen by the Stardust team. The Gallery includes both images and videos.

Nasa’s Space Place site description for Nasa’s Space Place
Check out games, animations, projects, and fun facts about Earth, space and technology.

Heavens Above site description for Heavens Above
This site provides the next time the International Space Station will be visible. You may have to go to the Configuration link and select your time zone to get information specific to your location.
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