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Awesome Stories: Fatal Voyage - The Titanic site description for Awesome Stories: Fatal Voyage - The Titanic
Read the story of the Titanic, from descriptions of the ship and crew through the events leading up to the disaster. The final section "The Rest of the Story" provides information about salvage and recovery of the ship. Included in each section are images and links to other relevant information and... 

National Geographic: Adventure on the Titanic site description for National Geographic: Adventure on the Titanic
"Explore the height of Edwardian opulence, mingle with legendary passengers, and experience what happened on that fateful April night when the “ship of dreams” turned into a real-life nightmare." (site) 

National Archives: Titanic site description for National Archives: Titanic
The UK National Archives has created this 100 year anniversary resource; you will find biographies of some passengers and crew, a timeline and audio podcasts with personal reflections. 

RMS Titanic - Reappraisal of Evidence Relating to SS Californian site description for RMS Titanic - Reappraisal of Evidence Relating to SS Californian
This is a 1992 report from the United Kingdom Department of Transport Marine Accident Investigation Branch; the report looks at the SS Californian's actions at the time of the Titanic's sinking. Could this ship have come to the Titanic's aid? 

Southampton City Council: Titanic site description for Southampton City Council: Titanic
This collection of resources from the city of Southampton includes information about that city in 1912, food provisions and memorials. Be sure to check out the video commemorating the city's connection to the famous ship. 

Smithsonian: On the Water - Titanic site description for Smithsonian: On the Water - Titanic
This small section about the Titanic is part of a larger virtual exhibition exploring ocean travel and trade. In the Titanic section, you will find images of artifacts and information about the ship. You can also listen to songs written about the Titanic tragedy. 

National Museums Northern Ireland site description for National Museums Northern Ireland
The National Museums Northern Ireland has a wonderful collection of videos, audio and images showing the construction of the Titanic in Belfast as well as the journey itself and the luxury conditions on board. Learn about the myths that have been created around this historic event. 

Titanic Stories site description for Titanic Stories
This website has information for a variety of Titanic themes: construction, passengers and the Atlantic journey. There is also an impressive gallery of images, audio, video re-enactments and historic videos. 

Web Titanic: An Irish Tribute site description for Web Titanic: An Irish Tribute
This is a fantastic site, filled with statistics, images, stories, and deckplans. You can find information about the building of the Titanic, as well as the timeline of events leading up to the disaster. Learn about the passengers and crew. Be sure to check out the Multimedia section for images and... 

Titanic Facts site description for Titanic Facts
This site is filled with statistics about the RMS Titanic. Information includes: detailed statistics about the ship itself, the amount of food on board, passengers, cutlery, dishes and many other interesting facts. 

Titanic's Radio Room site description for Titanic's Radio Room
Learn about the technology and men in the RMS Titanic's Radio or "Marconi" Room. You can also read some of the transmissions to and from the ship during the moments of crisis. 

Titanic Inquiry Project site description for Titanic Inquiry Project
"The following pages contain the complete transcripts of both the US Senate and British Board of Trade inquiries into the disaster, along with their final reports." 
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