Taking Art to the Street - a 2Learn.ca special edition

Gr. 3-6 The Arts - Painting


Gr. 7-9 The Arts - Encounters


Art Studies 11-21-31


CTF/CTS Design Studies

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Apexer on Street Art Murals site description for Apexer on Street Art Murals
Enjoy this three minute video with Apexer, a street artist. He'll tell you about his works of art and his inspiration. 

10 Street Artists You Should Know site description for 10 Street Artists You Should Know
This article has short biographies of 10 street artists who have made significant contributions to the art form and has examples of their work. 

Street Art Bio site description for Street Art Bio
Here are some biographies of well-known street artists. The bios have image samples of each artist's work; some bios have videos as well. 

Colorful Art Writers: 10 of the Best Graffiti Artists site description for Colorful Art Writers: 10 of the Best Graffiti Artists
The Web Urbanist provides a Top 10 list of graffiti/street artists, complete with biographical information, examples of their work and influence on the community. 

The Art of Jean-Michael Basquiat site description for The Art of Jean-Michael Basquiat
"The extraordinary artist Jean-Michel Basquiat created paintings and drawings filled with imagery that describes his ideas about life and the world around him. Examine his works of art in depth, learn about the imagery he used, and explore his life and career." (site) 
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