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Words Shakespeare Invented site description for Words Shakespeare Invented
In all of his works, Shakespeare used 17,677 words. Shakespeare ‘invented’, or was the first person to use in print, an incredible 1,700 words. Check out the video about some words that experts still don't completely understand.

Shakespeare Lives site description for Shakespeare Lives
This site includes a video about Shakespeare's legacy and how his life and works were celebrated in 2016. The website is filled with information and resources.

The Influence of William Shakespeare site description for The Influence of William Shakespeare
The Academy of American Poets shares links to Shakespeare's sonnets and describes some of his significant contributions to the English language. There is also a list of books for further study.

William Shakespeare’s Impact on Theatre site description for William Shakespeare’s Impact on Theatre
William Shakespeare is credited with having a significant influence on language, literature and theater. This site explains why Shakespeare’s influence is just as pronounced today as it was centuries ago.

DK Find Out: Talk Like Shakespeare site description for DK Find Out: Talk Like Shakespeare
Watch this short video to learn about some of the 1,700 words that were invented or first used by Shakespeare.
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