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The Vietnam War: Canada's Role, Part One site description for The Vietnam War: Canada's Role, Part One
This CBC article from April 2015 provides some background about Canada's involvement in the Vietnam War.

Canadian Encyclopedia: Vietnam War site description for Canadian Encyclopedia: Vietnam War
Learn about the Vietnam War and Canada's quiet involvement in this conflict.

Canadians in the Vietnam War site description for Canadians in the Vietnam War
This article describes the experiences of a Canadian man from Winnipeg who joined the American army and fought in the Vietnam War. There are also photos and a short video the veteran sharing his memories of the trip across the Pacific.

NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) site description for NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
NATO has been involved in a number of UN military operations, both officially and unofficially. This site offers information about the alliance and its past and current operations.

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum site description for Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum
"The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum is a living museum featuring the aircraft used by Canadians or Canada's Military from the beginning of World War II up to the present." (Site)

Veterans Affairs Canada: 1947 - present site description for Veterans Affairs Canada: 1947 - present
This Veterans Canada page has many resources to help you understand the achievements and sacrifices of Canadian Forces members over the past 50 or so years.

Mark Isfeld, Memorial Page site description for Mark Isfeld, Memorial Page
Dedicated to the memory of a Canadian Soldier who walked in harm's way in the Service of Peace who gave his life so that others might walk in safety behind him. He was a volunteer who gave out little dolls to calm frightened and bewildered children. These dolls later became known as "Izzy" dolls.

Canadian War Museum: Afghanistan site description for Canadian War Museum: Afghanistan
This War Museum link to the Afghanistan gallery has several sections that describe events in Afghanistan, accompanied by photos by journalists.

Canada's Engagement in Afghanistan site description for Canada's Engagement in Afghanistan
This website, created by the Government of Canada, informs Canadians about the priorities in the mission in Afghanistan. The website has photos and videos, including stories from the field, and some great information.

CBC Video: A Wounded Soldier site description for CBC Video: A Wounded Soldier
This multimedia presentation is a series of photos of a Canadian soldier, Corporal Christopher Klodt. It contains audio clips of an interview the soldier did with CBC radio announcer Mary Wiens after he was seriously injured in Afghanistan. It also includes comments from junior high students who...
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