PyeongChang2018 Winter Olympics - a special edition

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5  Sites Olympic Games site description for Olympic Games
Here is the CBC's website for all of its winter Olympic coverage. Access audio and video as well as information about Team Canada, our athletes and the sports.

CBC Kids: Olympics site description for CBC Kids: Olympics
CBC Kids has created a site filled with great resources for kids to learn about South Korea and the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang. Find information about all of the sports, videos as well as games and activities. Olympics site description for Olympics
This is TSN's page for articles on athletes leading up to the Olympic Games, as well as their coverage during the Games.

The Official Website of the Olympics site description for The Official Website of the Olympics
This is the Official website of the Olympic Movement. It provides information about the games themselves, sports, the athletes, news, and the Olympic organization.

NBC: Olympic Games site description for NBC: Olympic Games
Here is NBC's website for coverage of the Olympic games.
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