You are what you eat... nutrition and food safety: a special edition
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Food For Health site description for Food For Health
This site from the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum provides information about Food and Farming, Labels and Packaging, Food Safety and Health and Nutrition.

Create your own food guide site description for Create your own food guide
My Food Guide is an interactive tool that will help you personalize the information found in Canada's Food Guide.

MediaSmarts: Healthy Food Web site description for MediaSmarts: Healthy Food Web
In this lesson, students consider the role of snack foods in a healthy diet. After a tour of popular sites aimed at children, the class looks at how the food products being advertised fit – or don’t fit – in the food groups found in the Canada Food Guide.

Guided Tour of the Canada Food Guide site description for Guided Tour of the Canada Food Guide
Take some time to explore Canada's Food Guide with this interactive tool. You'll learn the benefits of following the guide, how to count your servings, and tips for incorporating healthy food into each day.

Anatomy of a Whole Grain site description for Anatomy of a Whole Grain
Scroll over the illustration to learn about each part of the grain.

Brown bag lunches site description for Brown bag lunches
The Dietitians of Canada have prepared this website for all those who have to make school and work lunches every week.

What is Cholesterol Animation site description for What is Cholesterol Animation
"Too much fatty food leads to too much cholesterol. But why is this harmful to your health? And how you avoid and treat too much cholesterol? In this film you learn about the admission and working of cholesterol in the blood and what you can do about it." [site]

Popcorn: Nutritional Information site description for Popcorn: Nutritional Information
"Did you know that popcorn is among the healthiest -- and tastiest -- snacks around? It's a whole grain food that's low in calories and fat and rich in carbohydrates. Click below for more information about popcorn's nutritional value, nutrition in general, and dozens of great popcorn-inspired recipes."...

Go, Slow and Whoa: A Kid's Guide to Eating Right site description for Go, Slow and Whoa: A Kid's Guide to Eating Right
Learn the difference between Go, Slow, and Whoa foods. There is a great list included with examples of each type of food within Food Guide groups.

Canada's Guide to Healthy Eating and Physical Activity site description for Canada's Guide to Healthy Eating and Physical Activity
This guide combines ideas from "Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating and Canada's Physical Activity Guide to Healthy Active Living into one document, which promotes the benefits of eating well and being active and helps you make wise choices everyday". (site) You can download or order copies of the...
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