The Promise and Threat of Nuclear Energy

"Rock-star physicist" Brian Cox

Apr. 2008. Brian Cox talks about his work on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Discussing the biggest of big science in an engaging, accessible way, Cox brings us along on a tour of the massive project. [site] 14.56 min

Nuclear Energy
Nuclear Power Generation
Nuclear Science and Technology
Nuclear Proliferation
Nuclear Safety & Environmental Impact
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Guide to the Nuclear Wall Chart - Created in conjunction with the Nuclear Science Wall Chart, this site is a web version of A Teacher's Guide to the Nuclear Science Wall Chart. Many topics are covered in this online guide, including radioactivity, atoms, antimatter, and nuclear reactions. site annotation for Guide to the Nuclear Wall Chart

World Nuclear Association - This organization is created to "represent the people and organizations of the global nucelar profession. WNA's role is to support the global nuclear energy industry through: Expert Working Groups focused on industry goals and concerns; Representing the industry in such key policy forums as IAEA, ICRP... site annotation for World Nuclear Association

The Canadian Nuclear FAQ - This site provides excellent information about the CANDU nuclear reactor. Over forty frequently asked questions are answered. Some are basic... how is fission energy converted into electrical energy in a CANDU reactor? Some relate to nuclear safety and still others to applications... what is food irradiation?... site annotation for The Canadian Nuclear FAQ

Nuclear Science and Technology - You will find information on nuclear science and technology and how it influences your life through five major application fields: food irradiation, industry, medicine, space, and electricity.  site annotation for Nuclear Science and Technology