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What is Media Literacy? site description for What is Media Literacy?
This page from the Media Literacy Now website has an explanation of media literacy with a short animated video. There is a second video that has high school students describing why media literacy is important to them.

MediaSmarts: Media Literacy 101 site description for MediaSmarts: Media Literacy 101
Media Smarts has developed these "media minute" videos for use by educators. Each video discusses a specific topic in media literacy and includes a lesson plan (linked just below the video).

MediaSmarts: Digital & Media Literacy Fundamentals site description for MediaSmarts: Digital & Media Literacy Fundamentals
This is an extensive resource that offers explanations of digital literacy fundamentals, media literacy fundamentals as well as how these two concepts intersect.

Canadian Encyclopedia: Journalism site description for Canadian Encyclopedia: Journalism
What is journalism? Learn more about the history of Canadian journalism and the ideals of the profession. This article also addresses the impact of technology and multimedia and Journalism 2.0.

Canadian Encyclopedia: News Agencies site description for Canadian Encyclopedia: News Agencies
What are news agencies and how do they contribute to the news we get on TV, in newspapers and online? This article explains how news agencies contribute to the news we get.

MediaSmarts: Making Your Voice Heard site description for MediaSmarts: Making Your Voice Heard
Making Your Voice Heard: A Media Toolkit for Youth is designed to help young people understand how the news industry works (different roles), why youth stereotyping happens and how they can access media to get positive youth voices and stories heard.

Mozilla: Web Literacy site description for Mozilla: Web Literacy
Mozilla has created a framework for entry-level web literacy & 21st Century skills. Explore the map by selecting what you want to learn more about: Participate, Write or Read. Each of the subsections provides definitions and teaching resources.
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