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What Determines Gas Prices? The History of Gas Prices The Effect on Alberta Suggest a Site
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Gas Prices - FAQ's site description for Gas Prices - FAQ's
Petro-Canada provides some answers to commonly asked questions. How are gas prices set? Who sets the price of gasoline at a station? Why does the world price of crude oil or gasoline matter when we have our own crude oil and refineries here in Canada? 

Facts on Gasoline site description for Facts on Gasoline
This pdf from Alberta Energy addresses some of Alberta consumers' key questions about how gas prices are set, what taxes are included and why gas prices aren't cheaper here when Alberta procduces the crude oil. 

Why gas prices are falling across Canada site description for Why gas prices are falling across Canada
In this October 9 2014 article from Global News, there is a short explanation about the lower gas prices and what we can expect for the next few months. 

Why gasoline prices go up and down site description for Why gasoline prices go up and down
Natural Resources Canada has prepared this document describing why gas prices go up and down, including a timeline of crude oil and gasoline prices. You can also learn who sets the prices and who profits from higher prices. 

Oil prices drop, gas prices follow site description for Oil prices drop, gas prices follow
This July 2014 article from CBC News outlines some of the factors behind the declining crude oil prices, which has an effect on gasoline prices. 

Gas Pricing: What Factors Affect the Prices You See At The Pump site description for Gas Pricing: What Factors Affect the Prices You See At The Pump
This PumpTalk article from 2012 describes the factors involved with gasoline pricing, including crude oil costs. You can also learn what affects the price of crude oil. PumpTalk is a blog created by Petro-Canada, as a place to "demystify the fluctuating price of gas". 

What's Up with Gas Prices? site description for What's Up with Gas Prices?
Scroll down this page to get a sense of some of the factors involved with gas pricing. You could also use the menu at the top of the page to hover over your key questions. NOTE: This is an American resource. 
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