The Garbage Patch
Our featured media site: The Ted Talks - Captain Charles Moore
Marine Garbage Patches
Ocean Pollution
Gyres and Currents
Environmental Action
Teacher Resources
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NFB: Ocean School - This learning experience about ocean science uses storytelling techniques, immersive technologies and interactive media. Ocean School, created by the National Film Board, guides the learner through immersive media using VR, augmented reality and 360 cinema to explore Earth's oceans. site annotation for NFB: Ocean School

Ocean and Atmospheric Administration: Teach #DebrisFree - The US NOAA has ideas to help educators and students learn about and take action toward reducing marine debris. site annotation for Ocean and Atmospheric Administration: Teach #DebrisFree

National Geographic: Ocean Education - This is a collection of lesson plans, across the grade levels, that address ocean-related issues and topics. site annotation for National Geographic: Ocean Education