Virus! about ebola - a special edition

Science 8B - Cells and Systems


Science 24C - Disease Defence and Human Health


Biology 20 - Human Systems


Science 30A - Living Systems Respond to Their Environment


Current Events

What is a Virus?
About the Ebola Virus/Disease
Interactive Media and Maps
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Micro-organisms: What are Viruses? site description for Micro-organisms: What are Viruses?
In this interactive, you learn about the science of viruses. A quick quiz at the end helps you check your understanding.

BBC Science - Why Can't We Beat Viruses? site description for BBC Science - Why Can't We Beat Viruses?
This site provides text and images describing the life cycle of a virus, parts of a virus and how a virus works.

Infections - Bacterial and Viral site description for Infections - Bacterial and Viral
From the Better Health Channel in Australia, this site clearly describes the difference between bacteria and viruses, what they are, how they enter the body, how they are spread, their characteristics and types.

Encyclopedia of Life: What is a Virus? site description for Encyclopedia of Life: What is a Virus?
"A virus is a microscopic organism that can replicate only inside the cells of a host organism. Most viruses are so tiny they are only observable with at least a conventional optical microscope..." [site]
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