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Mouthguards site description for Mouthguards
This site answers some frequently asked questions about who should wear mouthguards to protect their teeth and why mouthguards are important.

Kids Health: Taking Care of Your Teeth site description for Kids Health: Taking Care of Your Teeth
This site not only talks about tooth care, but also give you some history about dental care. At the bottom of the article, there are links to more information and videos.

Brushing Your Teeth site description for Brushing Your Teeth
On this page, The American Dental Association describes why we should clean our teeth, as well as how to do it. Watch the video to see how you should be brushing. Dental Health Flash Animations site description for  Dental Health Flash Animations
A wide selection of Flash animations that cover a variety of topics from simple tooth brushing and use of dental floss to gum disease, dental implants, wisdom teeth, veneers, fillings and more.
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