The Future of Coal  - a special edition

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Science 24 - Understanding Common Energy Conversion Systems


Science 30 - Energy and the Environment

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The Canadian Encyclopedia: Coal site description for The Canadian Encyclopedia: Coal
Consult this article from the Canadian Encyclopedia to learn more about coal in Canada. The article includes information about both early and modern coal mining in Canada. Additional sections include environmental impact and industry organization, including unions.

National Geographic: Coal site description for National Geographic: Coal
This entry from the National Geographic encyclopedia includes several images and detailed information about coal.

FAQs about Coal and Coal Mining site description for FAQs about Coal and Coal Mining
This resource is presented by the American Coal Foundation and it provides an in depth look at how coal is important to an industrial economy. All references are to U.S. statistics. It has an extensive list of resources.

Coal Association of Canada - About Coal site description for Coal Association of Canada - About Coal
The Coal Association of Canada has created a guide with information on types of coal, accessing coal, mining and using coal, coal statistics, and coal around the world.

World Coal Institute: Coal site description for World Coal Institute: Coal
The World Coal Institute provides some great information about coal. What is coal? Where is it found? What are its uses?

Coal Online - resources site description for Coal Online - resources
This website has a number of educational resources about coal, including the structural chemistry of coal, emissions, transport and handling, and uses.

Energy Kids: Coal site description for Energy Kids: Coal
Get the basics about one of the world's most important non-renewable resources, including: how coal was formed, types of coal, mining and transporting coal, and environmental impacts.
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