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The Canadian Encyclopedia: Ecosystem site description for The Canadian Encyclopedia: Ecosystem
What is an ecosystem? Learn about some of the theories/models of ecosystems and key elements that are involved.

Canada's Ecozones site description for Canada's Ecozones
This site from McGill has details of the physical conditions that form the ecozones in Canada, as well as descriptions and maps of Canada's ecozones.

Biomes site description for Biomes
This interactive resource adapted from NASA features some of the physical and biological characteristics of seven of the world's biomes.

Real World Ecosystems site description for Real World Ecosystems
Find activities and great information about ecosystems, including cycles and interactions, maintaining balance and making good decisions to protection the environment.

Ecosystem Info-books site description for Ecosystem Info-books
There are three ecosystem info-books available on this site: Grasslands, Tidal Pool and Tropical Forests. Each book has detailed information about that ecosystem.

World Biomes site description for World Biomes
The World Biome activity consists of a map of world biomes with a set of images and description for each type of biome.

Biomes of the World site description for Biomes of the World
This site is a good overview of different biomes around the world. Explore each biome by using the links located in the purple column on the left.
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