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The Canadian Encyclopedia: Bee site description for The Canadian Encyclopedia: Bee
This extensive article includes information about bees' habitat, distribution, reproduction and biology. The article also has information about pollination and threats to bees.

San Diego Zoo: Bees site description for San Diego Zoo: Bees
The San Diego Zoo has created a colourful guide to bees, with facts and images.

Arkive Video: Honey Bee site description for Arkive Video: Honey Bee
There are several videos and images on this page of honey bees and their life stages and activities. For a more detailed profile, including description, biology, habitat and threats, click on "Back to species overview page".

CBC Kids: 5 fun facts about bees site description for CBC Kids: 5 fun facts about bees
This article has 5 interesting facts about bees, including their role in pollination and their reputation as hard workers.

CBC Kids: Bee or Wasp? site description for CBC Kids: Bee or Wasp?
This article explains the differences between bees and wasps. Check out the video at the end of the article. The video is about 50,000 honeybees that were removed from a home in Ontario.

DK Find Out: Bee Colonies site description for DK Find Out: Bee Colonies
See pictures of the different bees that inhabit a colony: the queen, drones and workers. Go all the way to the bottom of the page for fast facts about bees.

Pollinators - Busy doing what? site description for Pollinators - Busy doing what?
Check out this great video about pollinators; it's interesting and informative. There's also a link to the Hinterland bumble bee profile.

Canadian Honey Council: Bee Facts site description for Canadian Honey Council: Bee Facts
Get the facts and trivia about honey bees from the Canadian Honey Council.

Honey and Honey Bees: the Incredible Story site description for Honey and Honey Bees: the Incredible Story
Why do bees make honey? What is the colony? Are there different kinds of honey bees? Get the answers here.

Great Plains Nature Center: Honeybee site description for Great Plains Nature Center: Honeybee
This is a very thorough look at the honeybee; social order, the honeycomb, pollination, "killer bees" and colony collapse disorder are all covered.

Bees: A Honey of an Idea site description for Bees: A Honey of an Idea
This colourful and interactive site about bees is from the Canada Agriculture Museum. Learn about bees, pollination, life in the hive and beekeeping.

National Geographic: Honeybee site description for National Geographic: Honeybee
This short profile of the honeybee includes a description, distribution map, diagram showing relative size and an audio clip.

Did You Know? Honey Bee and Honey Trivia site description for Did You Know? Honey Bee and Honey Trivia
Check out these cool facts about honey and honeybees.

About Honeybees site description for About Honeybees
Learn more about drones, workers, queens and life in the hive.

Dances with Bees site description for Dances with Bees
Can you interpret the waggles of bees? Read the information about the different types of bee movement and dance, then test your own skill deciphering this bee language.

Anatomy of a Hive site description for Anatomy of a Hive
Take a look inside a bee hive and learn more about the "fascinating physical and social infrastructure".

The Buzz about Bees site description for The Buzz about Bees
Get the buzz about bees with this list of fascinating facts.

Honey Bee Face site description for Honey Bee Face
Wow! Check out this extreme close up of a honey bee face.
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