The Plight of the Honey Bees: a special edition, 2008
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bulletTeaching Resources from the Honeybee Centre - Check out the student worksheets available from the Honeybee Centre in Surrey, BC. site annotation for Teaching Resources from the Honeybee Centre

bulletThe Honey Files: A Bee's Life (teaching guide grades 4-6) - Courtesy of the National Honey Board (U.S.), you can download this PDF file of the teacher's guide, which you may then reproduce pages from as needed. Find information about bee society, pollination, honey, beekeepers and more. site annotation for The Honey Files: A Bee's Life (teaching guide grades 4-6)

bulletBilly Bee: Kids' Club - There are some ideas for activities on this site as well as printable crossword puzzles and word scrambles. site annotation for Billy Bee: Kids' Club

bulletNature's Partners: Pollinators, Plants and you - "Nature's Partners is an inquiry learning-based curriculum for young people in the 3rd through the 6th grade." (site) This site has curriculum modules for pollinators, which include moths, butterflies and other small creatures as well as honey bees.  site annotation for Nature's Partners: Pollinators, Plants and you

bulletHoney Bee Biology - These resources, filled with detailed photos, were created by a biology teacher and are available as webpages or a pdf document. Topics include honey bee anatomy, life stages, killer bees and parasites. site annotation for Honey Bee Biology

bulletHoney bee lesson plan preK-4 - This lesson plan comes from the Entomology Department at Iowa State University. Students will identify honey bees and their responsibilities, their importance to humans and how they communicate. site annotation for Honey bee lesson plan preK-4