The Plight of the Honey Bees: a special edition, 2008
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bulletCanadian Honey Council: Teachers’ Kit for Grades 1 to 3 - These teachers kits are learning/teaching resources for elementary, middle and high school teachers across Canada. The kits can enhance curricula with accurate, appealing, and learner-focused information about honey bees. site annotation for Canadian Honey Council: Teachers’ Kit for Grades 1 to 3

bulletPollinators - Educational resources - This site has curriculum modules, posters and fact/activity sheets about pollinators, which include moths, butterflies and other small creatures as well as honey bees.  site annotation for Pollinators - Educational resources

bulletHoney Bees and Honey: educational materials - Courtesy of the National Honey Board (U.S.), here are some activity sheets and posters about bee hives, biology, honey, pollination and bee activity. site annotation for Honey Bees and Honey: educational materials

bulletTeaching Resources from the Honeybee Centre - Check out the student worksheets available from the Honeybee Centre in Surrey, BC. site annotation for Teaching Resources from the Honeybee Centre

bulletBilly Bee: Kids' Club - There are some ideas for activities on this site as well as printable crossword puzzles and word scrambles. site annotation for Billy Bee: Kids' Club