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MediaSmarts: Reality Check Game site description for MediaSmarts: Reality Check Game
This is a collection of engaging "missions" during which students read a story on a social network feed; the story might be entirely true, entirely false, or somewhere in between. Students click on different parts to see the clues and then decide how reliable the story is and how to respond. Each scenario... 

Haters and Trolls site description for Haters and Trolls
Here's a video with tips for how to deal with haters and trolls online. 

MediaSmarts: Click if You Agree site description for MediaSmarts: Click if You Agree
Click if You Agree is a game that helps you develop the skills and confidence to read privacy policies and terms of use instead of just clicking on the “I agree” button. There are four scenarios to read through, choosing the most relevant parts of the policies. 

Cite It Right site description for Cite It Right
This module provides the What? When? Where? Why? and How? of proper academic citation. See how MLA, APA and Chicago style citations are set out. You can practice identifying the key elements of citations and then try the quiz. 

Heads Up! Stop. Think. Click site description for Heads Up! Stop. Think. Click
Here's a reminder that before we post online, download a game or buy something, we should take a second to stop and think before we click. Just using our heads... 

Share with Care site description for Share with Care
Check out this video; it's a great reminder that the things we post online could have an impact on people in the real world. 

Netsmartz: Choices and Cheaters site description for Netsmartz: Choices and Cheaters
Scroll down through this graphic novel about the choices students can make when writing an essay.  

Attitude Overdrive site description for Attitude Overdrive
This is an NSTeens video about acceptable behaviour when playing an online game. Are you being competitive, or are you crossing the line and being a griefer? 
Displaying 8 Great Resources