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NFB: Indigenous cinema site description for NFB: Indigenous cinema
Discover the NFB’s online collection of Indigenous-made films. You will find animated films, documentaries and more. Click on Films, Directors or Subjects to filter the results or browse through the entire list. You can also filter by age of film. 

Crash Course Film Production site description for Crash Course Film Production
This Crash Course playlist is an engaging exploration of film production. Learn about scriptwriting, the filmmaker's army, sound production, the role of producers, the cinematographer, the grip and more. 

Crash Course Film History site description for Crash Course Film History
Crash Course has a playlist of videos that delve into film history. Learn about the history of one of our most powerful mediums. Episode topics include: the first movie camera, the language of film, the silent era, world cinema and documentaries. There are also episodes about the technical side of... 

TED: A cinematic journey through special effects site description for TED: A cinematic journey through special effects
How far have visual effects come in the past 100 years? In this TED talk, Don Levy takes us on a visual journey through special effects, from the fakery of early technology to the seamless marvels of modern filmmaking. 

Video: Who's Who on a Movie Crew? site description for Video: Who's Who on a Movie Crew?
This 3:26 minute animated video gives an overview of some of the different jobs on a movie crew. Below the video, you will see a written description of the jobs. 

A Conversation with Sir Ian McKellan site description for A Conversation with Sir Ian McKellan
In this amazing interactive video, you can choose the questions that Sir Ian McKellan answers, including those about Shakespeare, storytelling, Lord of the Rings and the X-Men. 
Displaying 6 Great Resources