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Dinosaurs III Links
Audience:Parent, Student, Teacher
Category:Kindergarten, Science (General)
Theme:Nature and Environment
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School/Organization:St. Monica
Jurisdiction:Edmonton Catholic Regional Division #40
Black Hills Geological Research
This site offers a glimpse into a working field team, prepping fossils, and skeleton images.

Bosco's Rock Pile
A Place to share Dinosaur, Geology and Paleontology sites, photos, information and links.

Dino Base
Dinobase is a dinosaur database with a list of dinosaurs, a classification of dinosaurs, pictures, and more...

Dinosaur Floor
A flash, interactive web site for students to browse and research.

This is a commercial site, but does offer dinosaur images that could help with research, as well as a comprehensive dictionary of dinosaur terms, taxons, and anatomy.

A telecollaborative project involving Alberta students from Kindergarten to Grade 3.

Discovering Dinosaurs
The introductory flash is intriguing all by itself... Discovering Dinosaurs, presented by Encyclopaedia Britannica, explores how our conception of dinosaurs has evolved in the 150 years since dinosaurs were first discovered.

Discovery Channel, Dinosaur Guide
A great research site with excellent visuals; includes introduction to mammoths.

Dr. George Johnson's Backgrounders: Dinosaurs
A concise summary of dinosaur information excellent for study notes or teacher prep material.

London's Natural History Museum, Dinosaur Data Files
An excellent source for research.

National Geographic, Dinosaur Eggs
Vivid images, great research site.

National Geographic, Wanted: Albertosaurus
A National Geographic site designed around a search for the Albertosaurus.

The Dinosaur Museum in Blanding Utah
A special focus on feathered dinosaurs.

USGS, Dinosaurs: Facts and Fiction
Key questions about dinosaurs are explored.

American Museum of Natural History, Fossil Halls
The fossil halls provide information in a variety of formats, including Timelines, which allows visitors to travel back into the past to explore environments and their inhabitants.

This site provides a descriptive and annecdotal research of one t-rex fossil, Scotty, the T-Rex at Eastland, Saskatchewan.

Dinosaur Provincial Park
Alberta dinosaurs and fossils organized for easy research; includes a kids' page.

The Dinosauria
This site is excellent for researching dinosaurs and fossils, gives good images and text.

Welcome to the Royal Tyrrell Museum
One of the world's most extensive collection of dinosaur fossils and exhibits on prehistoric life at the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta.

Zoom Dinosaurs
A great site for children to research and explore with easy to use information. Includes specific and extensive data, visuals, jokes, and movies, as well as opportunities for interactive activities.