Science - Gr.1 Online Interactives

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Paint Splat site description for Paint Splat
Help Peep make the colours he needs to paint the fence. Jump on the paint tubes to combine the primary colours.

Talking Textiles - The Colour Wheel site description for Talking Textiles - The Colour Wheel
Explore the colour wheel and the mixing of colours. Try to match the moods of the various colours with words.

Curious George: Mix and Paint site description for Curious George: Mix and Paint
Have fun mixing colors and painting with George! Choose a picture to paint by clicking on the green arrows. Click the colored tubes to mix the paint, then drag and click your mouse over the picture. Click on the mixing bowl to empty it.

Warm and Cold Colours site description for Warm and Cold Colours
Here's a way to learn about warm and cold colours. In Parts 1,2,3,4 you see which colours make us warm and which make us feel cold. Then, play a game to see if you remember.
Displaying 4 Great Resources