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Adventure Man and the Counting Quest site description for Adventure Man and the Counting Quest
Adventure Man is racing to find the hidden treasure. Help him out by skip-counting and practicing multiples as you make your way through swamps, canyons, and temples in this counting quest.

Island Chase Subtraction site description for Island Chase Subtraction
This fun math game allows up to 4 players. Challenge yourself against other players. Do the subtraction to power your jet ski.

Jet Ski Addition site description for Jet Ski Addition
Jet Ski Addition is a multi-player racing game for addition. How quickly you answer the addition problem makes the jet ski go faster. 1-4 players can play at once.

Add Like Mad site description for Add Like Mad
Click on the squares to add the numbers so that they equal the value under the word "number". If you add the numbers fast enough, you will get bonus points.

Addition Blocks site description for Addition Blocks
Destroy the falling target blocks by clicking on adjacent number blocks. Click two or more numbers to match the falling block. Click on Options for different speeds.

Tumbletown Shop Around site description for Tumbletown Shop Around
It's time to go camping. Can you help buy all of the supplies for the camping trip? You're in charge of the money.

Tumbletown Mathletics site description for Tumbletown Mathletics
Play this series of Tumbletown mini-games to practice your skills in adding and fractions. More correct answers give you a higher score.

The Perfect Pet (EconEdLink) site description for The Perfect Pet (EconEdLink)
What items would you buy if you had a new fish? Remember, you only have $5.00.

Post Sorting site description for Post Sorting
These activities will test your mental math skills. You need to post all of the letters based on addition, subtraction or skill at finding the multiples.

Mathemorphosis site description for Mathemorphosis
Use your math skills to help this egg transform into a beautiful butterfly. Choose addition or subtraction and choose the correct answer (leaf) for each question.

BBC Starship: Cross the Swamp site description for BBC Starship: Cross the Swamp
Choose from addition and subtract OR multiplication and division. Then choose your number level. Now try and cross the swamp by answering the questions.

Subtraction Harvest site description for Subtraction Harvest
Choose the level that is best for you, then practice your subtraction.

Bugabaloo site description for Bugabaloo
Pick your level! Do the addition, figure out how many shoes each bug has and then click on the correct answer.

Alien Addition site description for Alien Addition
Invading spaceships with addition problems move down from the top of the screen toward a laser cannon on a platform at the bottom. Click on the addition question that matches the answer in the cannon to “equalize” the invader.

Marble Drop Addition site description for Marble Drop Addition
Move the penguin around to collect numbered marbles. You need your marbles to add up to the number at the top of the screen.

Addition Blast-off site description for Addition Blast-off
Can you add as fast as a rocket? Look at the number on the moon and then click on squares that add up to that number.

Becoming Lord Voldemath site description for Becoming Lord Voldemath
By correctly answering a series of equations, you can defeat the teachers and earn your special magical powers. Choose a math operation and some numbers and get started.

Starfall: Math Journey site description for Starfall: Math Journey
You will need to fill in the correct answers at all of the stops to continue
on this math journey. What is waiting in your treasure box at the end?

Fun Math site description for Fun Math
Move your bee around with your mouse. Use your bee to select the correct answer to the math equation.

Clickety Clack, let's keep track site description for Clickety Clack, let's keep track
Can you keep track of your savings account?

Colour Subtraction site description for Colour Subtraction
Have fun as you colour pictures while you practice your subtraction.

Colour Addition site description for Colour Addition
Add the numbers and select the right number to colour the picture.

Billing Counter site description for Billing Counter
Count the money needed to pay for the items you will buy.

Mission Subtraction site description for Mission Subtraction
Click on the numbers to solve the subtraction problem.

Learn Fractions site description for Learn Fractions
Learn fractions by matching colours, shapes and pictures.

Mission Addition site description for Mission Addition
Click on the numbers to solve the addition problem.

Adding Machine site description for Adding Machine
Practice your adding to 10 with the adding machine.

Soccer Subtraction site description for Soccer Subtraction
Check on your subtraction skills under 10. Click on the soccer players to remove them to match the correct answer to the subraction problem. Then click on the kicker and watch him kick the ball into the net. If it misses, your answer is wrong. If he scores, you got the answer right.

Add Numbers site description for Add Numbers
Learn to add numbers to 10, along with pictures.

Interactive 100 Number Chart site description for Interactive 100 Number Chart
Colour the interactive number charts to find patterns in numbers or use them for counting exercises. Once you have coloured the chart, you can put your name on it and print it.

Find a Friend site description for Find a Friend
"An animal friend is waiting for you behind a wall of number tiles. To find your friend, click on the tiles next to each other that add up to the target number." [site]

Rock Hopper site description for Rock Hopper
Jump your frog from rock to rock to get the total displayed on the large rock.

Kitten Match Addition site description for Kitten Match Addition
Up to 4 players. Pick a kitten player. Match the number in the center by tagging two numbers that add up to it and beat the other kittens.

Tug Team Tugboat Addition site description for Tug Team Tugboat Addition
For up to 8 players. Quickly answer the addition questions to power the tugboat. See if you can win the pulling match!

Math Lines - Equal 10 site description for Math Lines - Equal 10
This is a race to clear the balls in the line by forming pairs that add up to 10. If you cannot find a pair, make sure you fire the number ball close to one with the same number - because later you can get double points.

Math Fact Shoot-Out site description for Math Fact  Shoot-Out
You can choose from addition, subtraction, multiplication or division games. Get 5 math problems correct in a row to take foul shots with the basketball." [site]

Balloon Pop Subtraction site description for Balloon Pop Subtraction
" are given subtraction problems and need to pop balloons to find the right answer." [site]

Five Frame site description for Five Frame
Play these four different games to develop counting and addition skills.

Ten Frame site description for Ten Frame
There are four different number games to play - using frames of 10.

Techno Tortoise site description for Techno Tortoise
In this game, explore using the number line to do addition.

Funky Mummy site description for Funky Mummy
Practice your addition skills to 20. Click on the next button to see the question, then choose the right answer. When you are done, you can print our your name in hieroglyphics.

Mummy Number Line site description for Mummy Number Line
Practice your adding and subtracting on this number line. Click on the right number on the number line to solve the problem and see what happens to the mummy.
Displaying 42 Great Resources