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Funky Mummy site description for Funky Mummy
Practice your addition skills to 20. Click on the next button to see the question, then choose the right answer. When you are done, you can print our your name in hieroglyphics.

Math Lines - Addition site description for Math Lines - Addition
This is a race to clear the balls in the line by forming pairs that add up to a certain number (your choice). If you cannot find a pair, fire the number ball close to one with the same number - later you can get double points.

Adventure Man and the Counting Quest site description for Adventure Man and the Counting Quest
Adventure Man is racing to find the hidden treasure. Help him out by skip-counting and practicing multiples as you make your way through swamps, canyons, and temples in this counting quest.

Balloon Pop Subtraction site description for Balloon Pop Subtraction
You are given a subtraction problem. Pop balloons until the remaining number of balloons matches the answer.

Math Fact Shoot-Out site description for Math Fact  Shoot-Out
You can choose from addition, subtraction, multiplication or division games. Get 5 math problems correct in a row to take foul shots with the basketball.

Addition Blocks site description for Addition Blocks
Destroy the falling target blocks by clicking on adjacent number blocks. Click two or more numbers to match the falling block. Click on Options for different speeds.

Tumbletown Mathletics site description for Tumbletown Mathletics
Play this series of Tumbletown mini-games to practice your skills in adding and fractions. More correct answers give you a higher score.

Adding Machine site description for Adding Machine
Practice your adding to 10 with the adding machine.

Ten Frame site description for Ten Frame
There are four different number games to play - using frames of 10.
Displaying 9 Great Resources