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BBC Starship: The Story Plant site description for BBC Starship: The Story Plant
In this activity, you grow your story from the story plant. Sky will guide you through the steps in planning and writing a story. At each step, choose a leaf and click on it. When the plant has stopped growing, listen to the story you've made.

Read Write Think - Flip-a-Chip site description for Read Write Think - Flip-a-Chip
Flip two chips to mix and match four word parts and make four words. Then insert the four words into a paragraph, using context clues to determine where each word belongs. [site]

ABRACADABRA site description for ABRACADABRA
This site is filled with stories to read and activities for early readers. Click on an activity to try or a type of story that you like. Click on Characters to learn about them. You can read or listen to the books and activities.

The Best Trampolini Game! (Between the Lions) site description for The Best Trampolini Game! (Between the Lions)
Do the pictures match the words? If they do, click on the hat. If they don't, click on the rope.

Blending Bowl (Between the Lions) site description for Blending Bowl (Between the Lions)
You get to choose a word ending and a beginning sound. Then watch your "players" bang together and create a word.

Putting Words Together site description for Putting Words Together
Lexus the Great, a magician, and Photon, his assistant monster, help you practice putting words together to make compound words.

Martha's Rhyme Time site description for Martha's Rhyme Time
You can write a poem with Martha. Hit the red buttons if you'd like to change the words. When you are done, you can print your poem to share with your friends and family.

First Words Magnetic Poetry site description for First Words Magnetic Poetry
It's time to write some creative poems. Choose a kit, then choose a background. Use the words along the right side to create your own poems.

Keyboard climber site description for Keyboard climber
"Help the monkey get to the! Using both hands, use the keyboard to type each letter you see in the game. Be sure to use your left hand if the letter appears on the left side of the screen, and your right hand if the letter appears on the right side of the screen. Be very careful! The monkey...

Spotting Common and Proper Nouns Run site description for Spotting Common and Proper Nouns Run
Come ski down Noun Mountain with Mr. Mogul. He will help you identify proper and common nouns.

Prefixes and Suffixes site description for Prefixes and Suffixes
Choose a prefix and then click on Go to see if you have created a real word or not. You can then do the same with suffixes.

Picture Book Maker site description for Picture Book Maker
Create your own picture book. Drag and drop the items onto the cover, the pages and the back. Once you do, slide the size and the action bar to change your picture. Add your own story to the pages. Once you are done, it can be printed or...

Ice Cream Talk - Practice learning nouns and verbs site description for Ice Cream Talk - Practice learning nouns and verbs
"Help the monkey collect 10 scoops of ice cream before the monster! To collect scoops of ice cream you must correctly identify the nouns and/or verbs in the sentences. There is a fun bonus game if you collect 10 scoops without getting any nouns or verbs incorrect! " [site]

Read Write Think - Construct A Word site description for Read Write Think - Construct A Word
You can make words by adding a beginning letter or blend to a word ending. Create a word bank with animation and sound. This tool helps with learning words by letter sound recognition.

My Story Maker site description for My Story Maker
My StoryMaker is an interactive story tool. It lets you control characters and objects - and creates sentences for you! Once you are done with your story, save it online or print it out in the Library.

Scholastic: Story Starters site description for Scholastic: Story Starters
This is a fun and creative activity that can be different every time you try it. Select your grade and then spin the wheels to see what your story will be about. Then, choose a format for the story.

BBC Starship: Penguins on Ice site description for BBC Starship: Penguins on Ice
Get the penguins to take their bow at the Penguin Ice Gala. There are three parts to this activity: make a sentence; explore which punctuation mark to use; and make it interesting.

BBC Starship: Word Balloons site description for BBC Starship: Word Balloons
"Help Daisy to collect enough balloons to reach the unicorn. Click on the word that has a similar meaning to the word on the unicorn's balloon. At the end of the game, you can print out the words or play again." (site)

BBC Starship: Word Jumbler site description for BBC Starship: Word Jumbler
"Play on the word jumbler machine with Star and Hutch. First choose which game you would like to play and click on it. Sounds the same: Click on the correct word to fill the gap in the sentence. What's the pattern? : Click on the correct vowel phoneme to fill the gap. Count the syllables: Click on the...
Displaying 19 Great Resources