What is a 'NetSploreTM Activity@2Learn.ca?

  • A 'NetSploreTM Activity Page is one of the pages created by using the My Desktop Tool.
  • A 'NetSploreTM page is a complete description of an activity with web resources infused within it - prepared by you, the educator, as a single assignment or unit of study for use by your students. We publish when you tell us you are ready!
  • Skills required? Click, type, cut and paste! Insert hyperlinks with ease. 'NetSploreTM Activity Pages can be edited at anytime, from anywhere! We consider these "works in progress", and anticipate that you will revisit and enrich these activities with new or more content.
  • A 'NetSploreTM page can be built collaboratively by you and more than one colleague, working on the same activity page from different locations.
  • These activities demonstrate how rich and individualized a learning activity can be, given the wealth of resources on the Internet provided at point of need.
  • This free service is available to anyone who registers at the 2Learn.ca MyDesktop login page.  [We review all submissions for appropriateness.]
NetSplore sample

Take a look at some 'NetSploreTM examples created by teachers using My Desktop@2Learn.ca:
bullet Fathers of Confederation (Div. 3 or 4 Social Studies) bullet Canada Goose Research project (Gr.3 Lang. Arts)
bullet Statistics & Scatterplots (Gr. 7-9 Math) bullet Short Story Writing Workshop ( Gr.10-12: 6 week unit of study)

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