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Scholastic Study Jams: Fossils site description for Scholastic Study Jams: Fossils
You can use the orange arrows to move the slide show of fossils and paleontology digs or let the images change on their own. Try out the test about fossils as well.

Dinosaur Tracks site description for Dinosaur Tracks
"These horned dinosaur footprints were found in the United States, near the town of Golden, Colorado. We can use these prints to tell how fast these dinosaurs were walking." (site)

Feathers and Flight site description for Feathers and Flight
"We know that some dinosaurs had feathers, but did dinosaurs actually fly? If not, why did they have feathers? Comparing the feathers of ancient dinosaurs to those of modern birds can provide some interesting clues to the origin of feathers and flight." (site)

NOVA: Built to Fly site description for NOVA: Built to Fly
This NOVA interactive compares three of the more bird-like dinosaurs: archaeopteryx, microraptor and deinonychus. Within the detailed pictures, choose skeletal image and examine specific body parts or choose to view the life drawing.

Unusual Suspects site description for Unusual Suspects
"Knowing what group a dinosaur belongs to is a good way to keep them organized in your mind." (site) Learn your dinosaur groups and help Dr. Rex Von Claws capture the dinosaurs that have escaped in present-day Ottawa!

What is a Dinosaur? site description for What is a Dinosaur?
"In the squares around the screen there are eight prehistoric animals. Some are dinosaurs and others are animals that sometimes get mistaken for dinosaurs." (site) Do you know which of these animals is not a dinosaur?

Who's Hip? site description for Who's Hip?
"Dinosaurs are divided into two main groups. One is called the saurischians and the other the ornithischians. The way to tell them apart is by their hips..." (site) After you've learned which animals belong to the groups, help Dr. D in his medical clinic. He's got a waiting room full of dinosaurs...

Foot Bones site description for Foot Bones
Take a look at a chamosaur footprint and see if you can match the metacarpals to the print. Then, watch an animation of a chamosaur walking, including a detailed look at their front feet.

Dino-bird Connection site description for Dino-bird Connection
"The feathered discoveries raise two important questions about dinosaurs. What is the relationship between birds and dinosaurs? And, how did flight evolve from land-dwelling feathered reptiles?" (site)

Declining Diversity site description for Declining Diversity
"Some fossil sites seem to show that as the extinction at the K-T boundary approached, the number of different dinosaur species was decreasing... The fossils in each layer of rock give us a snapshot of life at that specific time." (site) Watch a video of a paleontologist offering an explanation.

Be the Artist! site description for Be the Artist!
"Figuring out what dinosaurs looked like is a unique blend of science and art." In this activity, you can decide what the dinosaurs look like, including the colour and texture of their skin. Have fun!

Jurassic Forest videos site description for Jurassic Forest videos
Check out these great videos, created by the palaeontologists at The Jurassic Forest, north of Edmonton. Learn about dino classification, brontosaurus, deep time and invertebrates.
Displaying 12 Great Resources