Social Studies - Gr.3 Online Interactives

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Symbols & Colors Used on Pysanky site description for Symbols & Colors Used on Pysanky
This is a summary of the symbols and colors used on pysanky.

Canadian Settlement: Ukrainians site description for Canadian Settlement: Ukrainians
Through this activity, students can experience the history, daily life and culture of early Ukrainian settlers to Canada.

CIA World Factbook: Ukraine site description for CIA World Factbook: Ukraine
The CIA World Factbook has information about Ukraine, including: flag, map, photos, government, people and society. Be sure to check out the photos as well.

Make a Pysanky Egg site description for Make a Pysanky Egg
You get to make a Pysanky Egg. Use your mouse to drag the colourful images to the egg.
Displaying 4 Great Resources