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Pilot the 1903 Flyer site description for Pilot the 1903 Flyer
Use this animated diagram of the Wright brothers 1903 Flyer to find out how they controlled the plane during the first flight by a "heavier than air" aircraft.

The Thrill of Flight site description for The Thrill of Flight
This is an interactive site that takes students through through a variety of hangers which contain information and activities about flight.

Spitfire HF9 TD314 Cockpit site description for Spitfire HF9 TD314 Cockpit
Explore the cockpit of this Spitfire airplane used in WWII. Hover over the dials to learn about them. You can drag down, up and to the sides to explore more of the plane.

Interactive Timeline of Great Inventions site description for Interactive Timeline of Great Inventions
Click along the timeline to find vignettes of some of the great inventions between the years 1900 and 2010.

A Matter of Life and Death site description for A Matter of Life and Death
A Matter of Life and Death is an interactive game that looks at how an airplane was used to prevent a 1929 diptheria epidemic in Little Red River, Alberta. This activity is based on the real-life journey of Wop May and Vic Horner.

Airmadillos site description for Airmadillos
Choose the setting and type of aircraft. Then, you will have to choose the best wind speed and angle to make your aircraft fly.

Flight Adventure's Flight School site description for Flight Adventure's Flight School
Learn about the forces of flight using a FPG-9 glider. (In the case of this experiment, a paper plate.)

Flight Simulator site description for Flight Simulator
This flight simulation reacts to your choices for the, elevator, ailerons, throttle and rudder. Click on the Help button to get the explanation for each control. Now, can you fly this plane?

Canadian Aviation Through Time site description for Canadian Aviation Through Time
Explore a timeline of Canadian aviation, by era, year and theme. Be sure to visit the mini-exhibits, filled with images and additional information.

How Wings Work site description for How Wings Work
Explore the airfoils in these four historic aircraft in our collection to see how wings work!

How Things Fly: Forces of Flight site description for How Things Fly: Forces of Flight
In this interactive, you experiment with the forces of flight and design an airplane that flies faster or higher.

PBS: Getting Airborne site description for PBS: Getting Airborne
"In this pair of interactive features, find out how air moving over and under a wing manages to lift a plane into the sky. Also, compare modern airfoil shapes to see, for example, what makes one shape ideal for a fighter jet and another for a cargo plane." [site introduction]
Displaying 12 Great Resources