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Leonardo da Vinci's Flying Machines site description for Leonardo da Vinci's Flying Machines
This 5-minute video describes some of Leonardo da Vinci's most impressive ideas, including the ornithopter and parachute.

DK Find Out: History of Aircraft site description for DK Find Out: History of Aircraft
This page has a selection of aircraft from history. Click on any of the craft to get a more detailed explanation and images.

DK Find Out: The Wright Flyer site description for DK Find Out: The Wright Flyer
See an image of the Wright Flyer, the airplane that made history. Around the image, you can click on various parts of the plane or Historic Flight to learn more about the first flight.

Pilot the Wright Brothers' Flyer site description for Pilot the Wright Brothers' Flyer
This video explores the principals of flight and how the Wright Flyer made it into the air and into the history books. The family tree of airplanes can be traced back to the Wright brothers’ 1903 Flyer.

Canadian Aviation Through Time site description for Canadian Aviation Through Time
Explore a timeline of Canadian aviation, by era, year and theme. Be sure to visit the mini-exhibits, filled with images and additional information.

Engineer a Jetliner site description for Engineer a Jetliner
Experience the engineering design process as an aerospace engineer assigned to design and test an airplane. Determine which wing and engine configuration is best suited to each mission. Find airworthy, low-cost, and fuel-efficient designs. Consider a range of different wing and engine design solutions...

Engineering the Wright Way site description for Engineering the Wright Way
Can you build a plane? First, go to the Wrights' workshop and try some of the tools and tests the Wrights used for bicycle manufacturing and engineering. Design and fly the world's flying machine. Once you've designed the aircraft, you can take it to Kitty Hawk and test it in a 3D flight simulation!...

The Thrill of Flight site description for The Thrill of Flight
This is an interactive site that takes students through through a variety of hangers which contain information and activities about flight.

Flight Simulator site description for Flight Simulator
This flight simulation reacts to your choices for the, elevator, ailerons, throttle and rudder. Click on the Help button to get the explanation for each control. Now, can you fly this plane?

Spitfire HF9 TD314 Cockpit site description for Spitfire HF9 TD314 Cockpit
Explore the cockpit of this Spitfire airplane used in WWII. Hover over the dials to learn about them. You can drag down, up and to the sides to explore more of the plane.
Displaying 10 Great Resources