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The Rocket Shop site description for The Rocket Shop
Have fun as you learn about the science of aerodynamics with these rockets. There are four different rockets to experiment with.

Challenge of Flight site description for Challenge of Flight
Examine the forces that act on an airplane, the pilot controls, and the design process engineers use to develop airplanes that manage these conditions. Videos, images and diagrams explain the forces of flight (lift, thrust, drag, and weight) and the motions an airplane experiences in flight (roll, pitch,...

TED: Why do wings help you fly? site description for TED: Why do wings help you fly?
This video explains why some popular ideas of flight are incorrect. Listen and watch explanations of two theories of "lift". 'Think' questions your understanding and 'Dig Deeper' provides further resources.

Feathers and Flight site description for Feathers and Flight
"We know that some dinosaurs had feathers, but did dinosaurs actually fly? If not, why did they have feathers? Comparing the feathers of ancient dinosaurs to those of modern birds can provide some interesting clues to the origin of feathers and flight." (site)

Getting into the Air site description for Getting into the Air
Learn about the four forces of flight. Then, re-create famous Canadian aircraft based on the plane's mission.

Lift and Drag site description for Lift and Drag
What are lift and drag and how do they work? Learn how these forces affect everything from airplanes to wind turbines.

Discover! The Nature of Matter site description for Discover! The Nature of Matter
How does a hot-air balloon rise and stay in the air? In part 2, move the cursor over the balloon, instruments and landing pad to get information about each. You will get a minute to fly the balloon and land it on the pad. Click the buttons to turn the burner on/off and to open and close the vent. Watch...

Rocket Science 101 site description for Rocket Science 101
This is your chance to build a rocket and launch your mission into space! Choose the Easy, Medium or Hard skill level and learn about the "various components of the launch vehicles, how they are configured and how they work together to successfully launch a NASA spacecraft."

PBS: Microraptor - Wind Tunnel Test site description for PBS: Microraptor - Wind Tunnel Test
The microraptor was discovered in China in 2000. Scientists from around the world met to discover how this raptor flew. "In this interactive based on their findings, conduct your own virtual wind-tunnel experiment and see for yourself how this pint-sized dinosaur likely glided." [site]

NOVA: Built to Fly site description for NOVA: Built to Fly
This NOVA interactive compares three of the more bird-like dinosaurs: archaeopteryx, microraptor and deinonychus. Within the detailed pictures, choose skeletal image and examine specific body parts or choose to view the life drawing.

Dino-bird Connection site description for Dino-bird Connection
"The feathered discoveries raise two important questions about dinosaurs. What is the relationship between birds and dinosaurs? And, how did flight evolve from land-dwelling feathered reptiles?" (site)
Displaying 11 Great Resources