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Science in Motion: Microorganisms at Work site description for Science in Motion: Microorganisms at Work
View the videos of microorganisms, (click "next" to see the second video, and then do the scramble activity to check your knowledge.

Fun With Food Webs site description for Fun With Food Webs
In this activity, students can complete three different food webs: Meadow ecosystem, Pond ecosystem or Arctic ecosystem.

EcoKids: Chain Reaction site description for EcoKids: Chain Reaction
This is an interactive site that shows how a food chain operates. At the end you can take out one component of the food chain and then see the results.

What is a Pond Habitat? site description for What is a Pond Habitat?
What is a pond? What lives in a pond? What can you find in a pond? Pond sights and sounds? You will find images, audio and great information on this site.

Select Natural Communities site description for Select Natural Communities
Learn more about who lives in specific natural communities, including terrestrial, wetland, aquatic and subterranean. For more detail, click on each community and then each habitat on the diagram.

Lotic Communities site description for Lotic Communities
Learn more about the fish, mollusks and invertebrates living in lotic communities. Click on each of the menu items to focus on areas. Click on organisms to learn more about them.

Lentic Communities site description for Lentic Communities
Learn more about lentic water communities and the organisms that live there. Click on the name of the zone on the left and then on each organism.

Professor Garfield: Water site description for Professor Garfield: Water
There are many areas to explore here. In the top menu, you can see three topics: Uses of Water, States of Water and the Water Cycle. For each topic, you can Read, do the Practice activities and then take a quiz.

Pond Life site description for Pond Life
"The aim of the game is to click a creature then find its pair, and you will discover a crazy world of interdependence." [site]

Video: Climate Adaptations in the Methow Valley site description for Video: Climate Adaptations in the Methow Valley
How can beavers help to hold back the effects of climate change? This video explores how beavers and their dams may help maintain and restore their environment.

BBC: Pond and Woodland Habitats site description for BBC: Pond and Woodland Habitats
Collect 8 living things from the woods and the pond. Keep going and you can build woodland and pond food chains.
Displaying 11 Great Resources