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Simple Machines site description for Simple Machines
Help Twitch collect the parts to repair a robot by using 4 different types of simple machines: an inclined plane, lever, wheel and axle, and pulley. Select the equipment that will require the least amount of force.

BBC: Forces and Movement site description for BBC: Forces and Movement
You can control the steepness of the gradient and the size of the vehicle. Hit Reset to move your vehicle to the top of the slope.

Cat-Traption site description for Cat-Traption
This is an animation of a Rube Goldberg contraption that incorporates energy transfers and conversions into a chain reaction. You must answer questions to proceed. Once the cat is fed, you can rerun the animation to test your understanding of how energy can travel and change.

Balanced Forces site description for Balanced Forces
Learn that balanced forces produce no change in the movement of an object. Check out the slideshow and then test yourself with the questions.

Forces site description for Forces
This animated tutorial explains what forces are and what they can do. Use the arrows below the animations to move through the slides. Take the test at the end.

Mass site description for Mass
In this animated video, students learn about mass: the measure of an object’s ability to resist being accelerated by a force.

Gear Template Generator site description for Gear Template Generator
This template generator is intended for creating paper templates for cutting low gears from plywood or other materials with a band saw. You can create your gears and then click Print Gears to get the template.

Sid the Science Kid: Balancing Act site description for Sid the Science Kid: Balancing Act
Test your knowledge about levers. Try your hand at balancing. You can move the birds, and add bird seed to the feeder. Make sure you also find the baby birds.

Spinning Mill Animation site description for Spinning Mill Animation
Terrific flash animation from the BBC clearly demonstrates the forces of energy and mechanics to achieve work. Excellent resource.

Winding Gear Animation site description for Winding Gear Animation
This great animation from the BBC clearly demonstrates the physics of gears and pulleys in action to achieving work. Mouse overs identify key components and an interactive quiz feature supports skill development and retention.
Displaying 10 Great Resources