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Wonderville: Robot Factory site description for Wonderville: Robot Factory
Build a robot that will do household chores and then test it in the simulator. Note: Wonderville now requires a free membership.

Wonderville: Medieval Levers site description for Wonderville: Medieval Levers
This Wonderville interactive helps you learn all about the medieval lever. How did people use levers during medieval battles? Note: Wonderville now requires a free membership.

Simple Machines site description for Simple Machines
Help Twitch collect the parts to repair a robot by using 4 different types of simple machines: an inclined plane, lever, wheel and axle, and pulley. Select the equipment that will require the least amount of force.

Edheads - Simple Machines site description for Edheads -  Simple Machines
Click on the house to identify all the simple machines that we use in our everyday lives.

Edheads - The Compound Machine site description for Edheads - The Compound Machine
Learn how forces and simple machines can work together to create a compound machine.

Park Puzzler site description for Park Puzzler
"Join Engineering Savi as she explores Puzzle Park for gears, levels and wheels for carnival rides" (site). Put the Fun House, Merry-Go-Round, and Roller Coaster puzzles together to find out what simple machines are in your favorite rides.

Simple Machines Crossword site description for Simple Machines Crossword
How well do you know your simple machines? Click on a number to solve for that section.

Cat-Traption site description for Cat-Traption
This is an animation of a Rube Goldberg contraption that incorporates energy transfers and conversions into a chain reaction. You must answer questions to proceed. Once the cat is fed, you can rerun the animation to test your understanding of how energy can travel and change.

Gear Template Generator site description for Gear Template Generator
This template generator is intended for creating paper templates for cutting low gears from plywood or other materials with a band saw. You can create your gears and then click Print Gears to get the template.

Time Machine site description for Time Machine
Travel back in time in the V 3000 Time Machine to see some of the most important Canadian Inventions of the past 150 years.

Sid the Science Kid: Balancing Act site description for Sid the Science Kid: Balancing Act
Test your knowledge about levers. Try your hand at balancing. You can move the birds, and add bird seed to the feeder. Make sure you also find the baby birds.

Leonardo's Mysterious Machinery site description for Leonardo's Mysterious Machinery
Click on one of the eight red buttons to view one of Leonardo Da Vinci's Mysterious Machines. Click on the one option that you think describes the Mysterious Machine best!

Spinning Mill Animation site description for Spinning Mill Animation
Terrific flash animation from the BBC clearly demonstrates the forces of energy and mechanics to achieve work. Excellent resource.

Winding Gear Animation site description for Winding Gear Animation
This great animation from the BBC clearly demonstrates the physics of gears and pulleys in action to achieving work. Mouse overs identify key components and an interactive quiz feature supports skill development and retention.
Displaying 14 Great Resources