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Recycle This site description for Recycle This
Do you know which bin to put all of the items in?

NOVA: Power of Poop site description for NOVA: Power of Poop
This 3 1/2 minute video describes how farmers can use animal poop as energy for their farm. How does the anaerobic digester work to create energy and fertilizer? How can we use human waste as well?

Professor Garfield: Water site description for Professor Garfield: Water
There are many areas to explore here. In the top menu, you can see three topics: Uses of Water, States of Water and the Water Cycle. For each topic, you can Read, do the Practice activities and then take a quiz.

BBC: Water Calculator site description for BBC: Water Calculator
Calculate your water usage around the home (in litres per day) using this interactive visual tool.

EcoKids: The Great Garbage Caper site description for EcoKids: The Great Garbage Caper
There's a big pile of garbage behind the school. The principal has called you in and asked you to deal with it. So, hold your nose and see if you can solve the problem.

Environmental Protection Agency: A Student's Guide to Global Climate Change site description for Environmental Protection Agency: A Student's Guide to Global Climate Change
"The kids page focuses on the science and impacts of global warming or climate change, and on actions that help address global warming issues. It is designed as a resource for both kids and educators. The site also features games, animations, events, and links to other relevant sites for kids and educators."...

National Geographic's Human Footprint interactive site description for National Geographic's Human Footprint interactive
This fantastic interactive compares what you consume with other countries and explains what kind of footprint we leave by consuming these items. The Behind the Scenes sections include videos that further deepen the examination.

Idling quiz site description for Idling quiz
Take this quiz to see if you understand the key environmental issues and facts when it comes to idling cars.

EcoKids: I Don't Want to Clean my Room site description for EcoKids: I Don't Want to Clean my Room
Help Anita clean up her room. It's a mess but everything has a specific bin it can get put into.

EcoKids: Garlic Spray site description for EcoKids: Garlic Spray
How do you use garlic to keep bugs out of your garden and backyard?

EcoKids: Yard Sale site description for EcoKids: Yard Sale
Yard sales are great ways to find new homes for used items. In this activity, Anita's family is having a yard sale and it's up to you to price each item and sell it.

EcoKids: Waste Quiz site description for EcoKids: Waste Quiz
This quiz is filled with questions about reducing, reusing and recycling.

National Geographic Kids: Recycle Roundup site description for National Geographic Kids: Recycle Roundup
Help clean up the park and sort the garbage and recycle.

Air Defenders: The Quest for Clean Air site description for Air Defenders: The Quest for Clean Air
This website has information about open burning, air quality and health. Follow the path to seek, identify and resolve. Watch for extra games and interactives as you progress through the pages. Teachers: there is also a teacher resource page. Polluting Waste - very embarassing leftovers site description for Polluting Waste - very embarassing leftovers
Some energy waste matter is toxic and can no longer be used. Sometimes, like batteries, this waste can be recycled. what happens if the waste cannot be recycled?

Organics Cross-off site description for Organics Cross-off
In this game, you will need to click on each of the organics to cross it off the list. The list below tells you how many to cross off. This game defines organics as anything that came from something living.

The Recycle It Quiz site description for The Recycle It Quiz
The worm is going to ask you some questions about recycling. Find out what your recycled materials are going to be turned into.

The Return-It Story site description for The Return-It Story
In this interactive video from Alberta, you can follow a container's "circle of life": from grocery store, to your home, to the recycling centre and back to the store.

The Story of Bottled Water site description for The Story of Bottled Water
The Story of Bottled Water describes the environmental and financial impact of using bottled water instead of tap water. This animated documentary is by Annie Leonard and Free Range Studios, the makers of "The Story of Stuff."

Recycling Drag and Drop site description for Recycling Drag and Drop
Drag each material into the appropriate bin. This is an Australian game, so you'll see rubbish instead of garbage.

Spot the Slip-ups site description for Spot the Slip-ups
"Take a look at this big scene and see if you can spot the ways they are wasting energy. To find the areas, click the magnifying glass and drag it around the scene. To reveal the tip, click your mouse button when an object is highlighted in red." (site instructions)

It's Time to Test Your Water Sense site description for It's Time to Test Your Water Sense
Play this game, collecting water drops and avoiding the water wasters, to learn about ways to conserve water!

The Great Canadian Clean-Up site description for The Great Canadian Clean-Up
You can take this test at two different levels: 8-12 year olds or 13 years and up. You will need to move around the scene and answer questions about the environment.

Green learning: Eneraction site description for Green learning: Eneraction
EnerGuy and his friends are on a mission to conserve energy. Check out these superheroes and help them on their mission.

Energy Hogs site description for Energy Hogs
Energy Hogs are stealing all the energy from your home! These games and activities will help you stop the hogs and become an official Energy Hog Buster!

Once Upon a Tide site description for Once Upon a Tide
This movie "is a fictional narrative that blends the moral and visual elements of a fairy tale to inspire us to recognize the importance of ocean conservation." [site]

Unplugged site description for Unplugged
Join 00Watt on his mission to defeat Terawattus Energivorus and free the household from the overuse of energy! You'll find lots of tips for energy conservation.

The Greens site description for The Greens
This site is especially for kids who want to know more about looking after the planet. This site is full of educational resources, including videos, flash animations, blog, songs, a carbon print calculator, quizzes, tips and much, much more. Check it out!

Envirogirl: Multiplayer Game site description for Envirogirl: Multiplayer Game
Work alone or with a teammate to stop Dr. Burn from ruining the environment (site).

Trash on the Spin Cycle (video) site description for Trash on the Spin Cycle (video)
In this video, you can join Jean-Michel Cousteau as he and his team investigate trash on the Kure Atoll and in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Increase in the use and distribution of energy: we need to do more with less site description for Increase in the use and distribution of energy: we need to do more with less
"People live very differently across the world. For example, someone living in Bangladesh uses an average of sixty time less energy to live than an American. In the same way, how people perceive the notion of "minimum comfort" is not the same everywhere: some people are happy simply to have drinking...

Eeko World site description for Eeko World
On this interactive site, you can build your own Eeko creature and take some steps towards creating an environmentally friendly home.

The Transistor Recycler site description for The Transistor Recycler
In this game, you are working at a transistor recycling facility. As the items go across on the conveyor belt, pick out the ones that do not contain a transistor. Hint: find out which items contain a transistor before you begin.

WebRangers: Trash Talkin' site description for WebRangers: Trash Talkin'
Take a look at the items and decide which should be recycled and which should go in the trash can.

Lolly VS the Energy Monkeys site description for Lolly VS the Energy Monkeys
This is a a fun game where you battle energy stealing monkeys from space to save the planet's energy.

Strange Matter: Materials and the Environment site description for Strange Matter: Materials and the Environment
A professor shares his viewpoint on materials and the environment, through this video.

Strange Matter: Where Do All the Cell Phones Go? site description for Strange Matter: Where Do All the Cell Phones Go?
A scientist wonders,through this video, where do all the cell phones go?
Displaying 37 Great Resources