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Scholastic Study Jams: Kingdoms of Life site description for Scholastic Study Jams: Kingdoms of Life
This video will explain how scientists group organisms (living things) into kingdoms. Check out the karaoke song and the quiz to test your understanding.

KidWings: Virtual Pellet Dissection site description for KidWings: Virtual Pellet Dissection
What is an owl pellet? What is inside a pellet? How do pellets form? There are several different virtual pellets on this page for you to dissect.

Discover! The Earth's Surface site description for Discover! The Earth's Surface
How does building a dam affect plants and animals? In part 2, compare pictures of a river before and after a dam was built across it. Move your cursor over different parts of the pictures and click to find out what happened to the plants and animals once the dam was built. Once you have finished, you...

Discover! Living Things in their Evironment site description for Discover! Living Things in their Evironment
Why doesn't a polar bear slip on the ice when it runs? In part 2, drag and drop the feet of the animals to the environment and learn about the animal adaptations.

TED: Phenology and Nature's Shifting Rhythms site description for TED: Phenology and Nature's Shifting Rhythms
Here is a TED video about phenology (the seasonal cycle of plants and animals) and how climate change is having ripple effects in nature.

Hams Hall Pond site description for Hams Hall Pond
This resource examines simple food chains, life cycles and different pond inhabitants.

EcoKids: Chain Reaction site description for EcoKids: Chain Reaction
This is an interactive site that shows how a food chain operates. At the end you can take out one component of the food chain and then see the results.

Penguins of the Antarctic Secrets of Survival Challenge site description for Penguins of the Antarctic Secrets of Survival Challenge
Take this challenge to learn about penguins and how they survive in the Antarctic.

Birds of Prey videos site description for Birds of Prey videos
Here are some videos of owls, raptors, eagles and hawks. The videos are relatively short, but there are some close-up shots.

Paper Wings site description for Paper Wings
Here is a story about Caterpillar. Read along (under the picture) as he is born on a magical night and follows his instincts as he survives and eventually undergoes a great change.

Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly site description for Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly
Click on each stage to learn more: egg, larva, chrysalis and butterfly.

Butterfly Life Cycle Game site description for Butterfly Life Cycle Game
Start with an animated video about the different stages in the life cycle of a butterfly. Then try the two games to see if you know the correct order in the life cycle.

Professor Garfield: Animal Life Cycles site description for Professor Garfield: Animal Life Cycles
The first video shows the life cycle of humans. Use the green tabs above the video screen to find videos about chickens, kangaroos, frogs, dragonflies and butterflies. The Practice tabs have quizzes and activities.

Life Cycles Movie site description for Life Cycles Movie
Some animals have simple life cycles and others have complicated life cycles. Here is a short movie about different animal life cycles.

Life Cycle of a Butterfly site description for Life Cycle of a Butterfly
Drag the life stages into the circles in the correct order and then watch as the butterfly transforms and flies away.

Butterfly Life Cycle site description for Butterfly Life Cycle
Drag the stages of the life cycle on to the circle. (The stages are on the left side of the circle.) When you are done the circle, you can watch the butterfly fly away.

Who Pooped? @ the farm site description for Who Pooped? @ the farm
Scientists and people who take care of animals study poop or 'scat' to ensure the animals are healthy. Choose which animal left the poop and learn more about how that animal digests its food. There is a video after the activities.

Do You Know What I'm Saying? site description for Do You Know What I'm Saying?
Do you understand a skunk's warning signs? Play this game to put the skunk's body language in the correct order and you can avoid being sprayed.

Learn Your Place! site description for Learn Your Place!
Here's your chance to play the role of a wolf - play along and choose the appropriate actions for your role in the pack.

Building a Safe Home site description for Building a Safe Home
"Help this family of beavers prepare for winter by helping them build their lodge. And while you're busy building, don't forget to be on the lookout for predators!" (site instructions)

Bird Migration Game site description for Bird Migration Game
Learn about migration as you help Wanda the wood thrush migrate from Costa Rica to Maryland.

Hoot: Build an Online Habitat site description for Hoot: Build an Online Habitat
Click on the icons to select an animal, then choose a suitable biome, vegetation and weather.

Build a Skeleton site description for Build a Skeleton
Drag and drop parts of a skeleton to complete the animal. You will be challenged with a variety of animals.

Habitats site description for Habitats
Explore the desert, coral reef, jungle, and marsh to discover where many animals live by matching each animal to their correct habitat. Use the purple scroll bar to find all of the animals you need to place in their homes.

Frog Life Cycle site description for Frog Life Cycle
Drag each of the stages into the sections that open up on the circle. If you have built the life cycle correctly, you can watch the frog swim away.

Parrot Life Cycle site description for Parrot Life Cycle
Here is a simple game to test how well you know the life cycle of a bird. Drag each stage of the parrot's life cycle on to the circle and watch the egg develop.

Incomplete and Complete Metamorphosis site description for Incomplete and Complete Metamorphosis
There are three videos to watch: a caterpillar changing into a butterfly, a salmon fly undergoing an incomplete metamorphosis and a grasshopper shedding its skin.

Video: Amazing Timelapse - Bees Hatching site description for Video: Amazing Timelapse - Bees Hatching
This is an amazing time-lapse, close-up video (saved without ads) of bees going through their hatching process.

BBC: Pond and Woodland Habitats site description for BBC: Pond and Woodland Habitats
Collect 8 living things from the woods and the pond. Keep going and you can build woodland and pond food chains.

Bats site description for Bats
This short non-fiction e-book (for ages 9-10) describes bats and why they are loved by some and not by others.

National Geographic Kids: Snowy Owl site description for National Geographic Kids: Snowy Owl
Check out this great feature about snowy owls. It has facts, photos and a map of their northern habitat.

Whale Discovery site description for Whale Discovery
Let's go aboard the Discovery, a marine research vessel, to learn more about whales. Visit all five areas of the ship - there are some great activities and images in here.

Tripwire of Fear (ARKive Education) site description for Tripwire of Fear (ARKive Education)
"Can you memorise the ladybird spider’s secret tripwire code and stop the male being eaten by his larger female mate?"

Mammal Maker site description for Mammal Maker
You get to choose the head, body and hindquarters of your own special mammal. When you have selected the body, click Done and then name your animal and describe its habitat and diet.

Animal Idol site description for Animal Idol
This is a fun game to play to learn more about animals. To get to the next level, you will need to answer questions about a variety of animal topics.

Aardvark Town site description for Aardvark Town
"Use your mapping skills to find just the right habitat for different animals in the African savannah. Then use your Aardvark digging power to help the Kratt brothers dig underground homes for the animals." [site]

BBC: Interdependence and Adaptation site description for BBC: Interdependence and Adaptation
Learn about interactions: plant/plant, plant/animal, and animal/animal relationships. Then sort the animals and plants into a food chain.

Animal Classification Game site description for Animal Classification Game
Drag each characteristic into the bin that it fits best. When you have all the characteristics in the right bin you will see something special happen.

Four Stomachs site description for Four Stomachs
Learn how a cow digests food. The interactive will take you through all four stomach chambers and the processes in each.

Frog Life Cycle site description for Frog Life Cycle
Learn about the life cycle of a frog; do the activities to test your understanding and then have fun with the frog jumping logic game.

Fetch! Spotted Venubix Challenge site description for Fetch! Spotted Venubix Challenge
Draw a habitat in which the imaginary animal, the spotted venubix, could survive, given the characteristics that are outlined. You can save your drawing to your computer. Say it with Ears site description for Say it with Ears
Can you interpret the mood of an arctic hare by looking at his ears? Read the "thoughts" of these arctic hares and drag over the most suitable photo.

San Diego Zoo: Elephant Odyssey site description for San Diego Zoo: Elephant Odyssey
Take a journey through time to learn the ways of the mammoths and their descendants, the elephants. This is a highly interactive journey through the mammoth's environment.

Who Am I? Animal Quiz site description for Who Am I? Animal Quiz
Here are 20 questions that you can answer about animals in our world. If you get the answer wrong, you can try again, or visit the fact sheets to learn more about each animal.

The Web of Life site description for The Web of Life
This is an explanation of the Web of Life, as told by a regular garden spider. Through pictures and text, you can learn about how plants and animals exist together and create a web of life.

Build a Food Web site description for Build a Food Web
Who eats Whom? Create a food chain using different animals and organisms within this Arctic environment.

Baby Tales: An Interactive Guide to Animal Reproduction site description for Baby Tales: An Interactive Guide to Animal Reproduction
Click on the breeding habits and the gestation graphs to learn more about when animals breed during the year, and also how long it takes for gestation.

Food Chain Game site description for Food Chain Game
Play the food chain game and drag the parts of the chain into the right place. When the chain is complete it will come to life and you can watch the action.

Where in the World? site description for Where in the World?
Click on the photo and drag it over the animal's home, then release it. if you are right, you will get more information about the animal. if you are wrong, you can try again, see the correct answer or move onto another animal.

ARKive's wild celebrities (ARKive Education) site description for ARKive's wild celebrities (ARKive Education)
Get ready to head to Madagascar and be the animal paparazzi. Get pictures of the exotic and endangered wildlife, but you'll have to be quick.

Animal jumble puzzle (ARKive Education) site description for Animal jumble puzzle (ARKive Education)
Read the description of a unique animal, then "Un-jumble the tiles to re-create the ARKive animals."

Egg and Spawn Race (ARKive Education) site description for Egg and Spawn Race (ARKive Education)
Explore the life cycle of the salmon in this activity.

Producers, Consumers, Decomposers Game site description for Producers, Consumers, Decomposers Game
Identify the producers, consumers and decomposers that you might find in a variety of communities. After you select the right category you can watch it in action.

Animal Names site description for Animal Names
This is a great way to find out if you know the male and female names of animals. Do you know what a Boomer is?

Classifying Critters site description for Classifying Critters
This game is a challenge as you determine which animals belong together.

Rags to Riches: Food Chain site description for Rags to Riches: Food Chain
Play this game about the food chain and see if you can win the (imaginary) $1,000,000!

Frog Calls (Diversity Web) site description for Frog Calls (Diversity Web)
This site allows visitors to listen to a variety of different frog calls.

Biology4Kids Quiz: Amphibians site description for Biology4Kids Quiz: Amphibians
Test your knowledge of amphibians with this online quiz.
Displaying 58 Great Resources