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MediaSmarts: Data Defenders site description for MediaSmarts: Data Defenders
This activity combines a matching game with tips about protecting privacy. In Round 1, players earn moves and improve their score by answering questions about themselves. In Round 2, players can protect their privacy scores by completing quizzes about various privacy tools.

NetSmartz: Router's Birthday Surprise site description for NetSmartz: Router's Birthday Surprise
Join Clicky, Nettie, and Webster as they plan a surprise birthday party for their friend, Router the robo-pup. You'll play games, help Clicky get the Outlaws back to jail, and help Nettie and Webster deal with tricky people - all while learning how to UYN.

Posting Pictures Online site description for Posting Pictures Online
Posting a picture online, or sending a picture on your phone, can have consequences that you might not have thought about. Watch this video for a quick reminder about why it’s important to think before you share a picture of yourself.

Privacy Pirates: An Interactive Unit on Online Privacy site description for Privacy Pirates: An Interactive Unit on Online Privacy
In this game, you will assemble a map leading to a pirate treasure. You will also learn how to decide what information is ok to give out when you are playing online, and what information you need to keep private.

Privacy Playground: The First Adventure of the Three CyberPigs site description for Privacy Playground: The First Adventure of the Three CyberPigs
This game has been created specifically to help 8-10 year-old children learn about safety and privacy issues on the Internet. This classic activity from MediaSmarts also includes an online teacher's guide.

Talk to an Adult You Trust site description for Talk to an Adult You Trust
Sometimes you see something on the Internet that makes you feel uncomfortable. It might happen when you are playing a game online or when someone texts you a bad picture. When something like this happens you need to tell an adult you trust.

What is Personal Information? site description for What is Personal Information?
This video reviews what information is personal and should be protected when we are on the Internet.

Growing an Online Reputation site description for Growing an Online Reputation
This activity has a description of online reputation, tips for growing a positive online reputation and a quiz to help you find the best options.

Meet the Defenders site description for Meet the Defenders
The Defenders are part of the Carnegie Cyber Academy. Click on each defender to learn more about him or her and then play the game and read the tips and blog. Betty is an expert on netiquette, Doctor Keen will teach you to protect your computer, Omni has tips for online safety and Carlo will teach...
Displaying 9 Great Resources