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NetSmartz: Don't Open That File site description for NetSmartz: Don't Open That File
This video is about computer viruses. Do you know what to do? Learn how to keep your computer and information safe.

The Boy Who Loved IM site description for The Boy Who Loved IM
Clicky tells the story of a boy who loves to IM his friends. What should he do when he receives a message from someone he doesn't know? Watch to see if he remembers to "Use Your NetSmartz"!"

Understanding Online "Friends" site description for Understanding Online "Friends"
This video explains why it’s important to stick with your real friends in the real world and only accept online friends you know in real life.

Admongo site description for Admongo
This is an interactive game, with many environments to explore, that helps you to spot all of the advertising that is around us during our day.

Safe or Un-Safe E-mail Quiz Game site description for Safe or Un-Safe E-mail Quiz Game
"You have received 6 new e-mails, some from friends and some from others you may not recognize. Read the e-mails carefully and decide whether the e-mails are safe or un-safe. Click to open or delete" [site]

Meet the Defenders site description for Meet the Defenders
The Defenders are part of the Carnegie Cyber Academy. Click on each defender to learn more about him or her and then play the game and read the tips and blog. Betty is an expert on netiquette, Doctor Keen will teach you to protect your computer, Omni has tips for online safety and Carlo will teach...

Webonauts site description for Webonauts
Webonauts Internet Academy is a PBS game that gives 8-to 10-year-olds an opportunity to have some fun while exploring what it means to be a citizen in a web-infused‚ information-rich world.

NetSmartz: Router's Birthday Surprise site description for NetSmartz: Router's Birthday Surprise
Join Clicky, Nettie, and Webster as they plan a surprise birthday party for their friend, Router the robo-pup. You'll play games, help Clicky get the Outlaws back to jail, and help Nettie and Webster deal with tricky people - all while learning how to UYN.

NetSmartz: It's Ok to Tell site description for NetSmartz: It's Ok to Tell
This NetSmartz video helps kids understand what to do when they see bad or inappropriate things online. Teachers, there are discussion guides and activity cards further down the page.

Star Riders site description for Star Riders
Choose a character in the Star Rider game. You answer three questions at the beginning to get extra time. You will have to catch the stars but avoid the spam and viruses.

Don't be in the Dark site description for Don't be in the Dark
You need to find Mickey and his friends in the dark. Click on their eyes when you see them. They'll give you some great tips for staying safe online.

Cybersense and Nonsense: the Second Adventure of the Three CyberPigs site description for Cybersense and Nonsense: the Second Adventure of the Three CyberPigs
This interactive site teaches many of the basic elements of cybersafety. Learn through the adventures of the Three Little Pigs.

Meet the Carnegie Cadets site description for Meet the Carnegie Cadets
Get to know the cadets from the Carnegie Cyber Academy. Each cadet has activities, games and a blog to share tips.

Bad Guy Patrol site description for Bad Guy Patrol
Play this game to find out if you know how to be safe on the computer. Answer the questions right to capture the flags! Choose your age group: 5-7 or 8-10.

Zoe and Molly Online site description for Zoe and Molly Online
"Zoe and Molly Online" has a comic book, quiz and place to build your own character and create your own ending to the comic. This is a great way to test your internet safety smarts!

BSA Cyber Tree House site description for BSA Cyber Tree House
The Cyber Tree House was built to help children "explore the digital world of the Internet and computers. As you climb through the Cyber Tree House, you'll find tools and lots of cool info to use so you can be a smart, safe cyber kid" (site introduction).

Winning Post Game site description for Winning Post Game
"Click on the answer you think is correct for each question. For each answer that is correct, your horse number 1 will move forward. For each incorrect one horse number 2 the computer will move forward. The winner is the horse that reaches the winning post first." [site]

Shooting Gallery Game site description for Shooting Gallery Game
"In the shooting gallery a question will appear on the bottom of the screen. Draw your gun and shoot one of the signs when you think you know the answer." [site]

Blockbuster Game site description for Blockbuster Game
Make it across the grid, from start to finish, by answering questions about online safety.
Displaying 19 Great Resources