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NetSmartz: Bad Netiquette Stinks site description for NetSmartz: Bad Netiquette Stinks
In this video, Clicky and his friends must track down Potty-Mouth Pete to stop their community from using bad Netiquette.

Meet the Defenders site description for Meet the Defenders
The Defenders are part of the Carnegie Cyber Academy. Click on each defender to learn more about him or her and then play the game and read the tips and blog. Betty is an expert on netiquette, Doctor Keen will teach you to protect your computer, Omni has tips for online safety and Carlo will teach...

NetSmartz: Router's Birthday Surprise site description for NetSmartz: Router's Birthday Surprise
Join Clicky, Nettie, and Webster as they plan a surprise birthday party for their friend, Router the robo-pup. You'll play games, help Clicky get the Outlaws back to jail, and help Nettie and Webster deal with tricky people - all while learning how to UYN.

Winning Post Game site description for Winning Post Game
"Click on the answer you think is correct for each question. For each answer that is correct, your horse number 1 will move forward. For each incorrect one horse number 2 the computer will move forward. The winner is the horse that reaches the winning post first." [site]
Displaying 4 Great Resources