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Dot Mixer site description for Dot Mixer
Click and drag the different coloured dots into the dot mixer. Each dot produces a unique sound and you can use the dots to create some interesting sounds.

TED: A-rhythm-etic - The math behind the beats site description for TED: A-rhythm-etic - The math behind the beats
In this five minute video, Drummer Clayton Cameron breaks down different genres of music, from R&B to Latin to pop, by their beats. He beats out the math behind the beat, as well.

Quackin' Rhythms site description for Quackin' Rhythms
Use your space bar to keep the rhythm. Half notes and half rest rests are worth two beats each. Whole notes and whole rests are worth four beats each.

Electronic Drum Kit site description for Electronic Drum Kit
Let's play the drums. Learn more about drums and how they sound by playing with this virtual drum kit.

Chrome Music Lab site description for Chrome Music Lab
This site is collection of experiments that let anyone, at any age, explore how music works. Do some experimenting yourself. Click on an image and then start to play. Take your time and experiment with your screen, keyboard or mouse.

Chuck Vanderchuck: Zen of Composition site description for Chuck Vanderchuck: Zen of Composition
This game is about matching the beat. Ramona will play a beat for you and you need to find its match.

BBC: Musical Mysteries: Cave Sounds site description for BBC: Musical Mysteries: Cave Sounds
Help Robbie and Curly discover the rhythm in the cave sounds they are searching for.

Drum Machine site description for Drum Machine
Explore the rhythm by adjusting the controls (volume, shuffle, bounce, FX, tempo) and the other elements to create your own original music.

Sound Mixer site description for Sound Mixer
There are many different sounds, patterns and levels to adjust to create your own sounds. Note the Mute button to turn of certain sounds.

New York Philharmonic KidZone Game Room site description for New York Philharmonic KidZone Game Room
Pick from 10 different games and activities--all around the theme of music.

Musical Mysteries site description for Musical Mysteries
Join Robbie and Curly as they investigate some musical mysteries. You can learn about sound, rhythm, mood and orchestra.

Playing with Music site description for Playing with Music
Select from one of three activities: Playing with Beethoven's 1st Piano Sonata, Playing with Tempo and Dynamics or Playing with Scales.
Displaying 12 Great Resources