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Number Fact Families site description for Number Fact Families
This tablet-friendly game gets students to choose Addition/Subtraction or Multiplication/Division. Students then make 4 different equations with the 3 numbers provided.

Broken Calculator site description for Broken Calculator
The calculator has lost some keys. See if you can use the keys that are left to do the calculations. Think hard, because you are timed! Six levels of difficulty to choose from, including ones with square roots.

Meteor Multiplication site description for Meteor Multiplication
Large meteors with multiplication problems move from all around the screen toward a large star station in the center of the screen. Rotate the star station and fire at the correct answer to disintegrate the meteor.

Penguin Jump Multiplication site description for Penguin Jump Multiplication
This is a multi-player game for practicing multiplication problems. The problem appears under the penguin, with the possible answers on icebergs that float to the penguin. Jump on the iceberg with the correct answer. If you jump towards the wrong iceberg, your penguin will fall into the icy ocean.

Space Race Multiplication site description for Space Race Multiplication
This is a multi-player racing game for multiplication. Students race against each other answering multiplication problems. How quickly the student correctly answers the multiplication problem determines how quickly the spaceship will go.

Multiplication Grand Prix site description for Multiplication Grand Prix
This is a multi-player (1-4 players) racing game for multiplication. Students race against each other to capture the Multiplication Cup. The faster you answer the math problem, the faster the race car will go.

Tug Team Tractor Multiplication site description for Tug Team Tractor Multiplication
This is a multi-player [1 - 8 players] tug game for multiplication. How quickly you correctly answer the multiplication problem determines how much the tractor will tug. The team with the fastest rate of correct answers will win the tug of war.

Math Bingo site description for Math Bingo
This Bingo-style activity allows you to choose from addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. You can also select the level of difficulty.

Math Fact Shoot-Out site description for Math Fact  Shoot-Out
You can choose from addition, subtraction, multiplication or division games. Get 5 math problems correct in a row to take foul shots with the basketball.

Hit The Button site description for Hit The Button
There are a few different math skills to work on here. You can practice your times tables, halves, doubles, square numbers and more.

Post Sorting site description for Post Sorting
These activities will test your mental math skills. You need to post all of the letters based on addition, subtraction or skill at finding the multiples.

Camel Times Tables site description for Camel Times Tables
You need to load up the camel with supplies. Do the multiplication to see how much of each item is going on the camel.

Multiplication Explorer site description for Multiplication Explorer
Roll the dice and complete the multiplication equation to move around the board.

Arithmetic site description for Arithmetic
This is a great way to practice your math facts. Choose from multiplication or division or use the graph provided to find factors.

BBC Starship: Cross the Swamp site description for BBC Starship: Cross the Swamp
Choose from addition and subtract OR multiplication and division. Then choose your number level. Now try and cross the swamp by answering the questions.

Space Lunchtime site description for Space Lunchtime
Ok, here we go! Let's practice multiplication math facts with aliens. Choose the number families that you want to practice and go.

Bracket Basics site description for Bracket Basics
Solve problems that use brackets in this fun activity.

Villainy Inc. : Thwarting World Supremacy Through Mathematics site description for Villainy Inc. : Thwarting World Supremacy Through Mathematics
Use your math skills throughout this interactive story as you thwart Dr. Wick's plan for the "Golf of Mexico". This activity has a detailed story with many elements. It may take a while to complete.

Picnic Multiplication site description for Picnic Multiplication
"In this game, kids at the picnic table will be given snacks. You can use multiplication to find out the total number of snacks the kids have." [site]

Times Table site description for Times Table
You can practice multiplying single-digit numbers with this interactive multiplication table.

LearnAlberta: Multiplication site description for LearnAlberta: Multiplication
Get an introduction to multiplication in this undersea world of fish and clams.
Displaying 21 Great Resources