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Dynamic Paper site description for Dynamic Paper
This dynamic paper tool allows you to create a variety of shapes, number lines or pattern blocks.

Scholastic Study Jams: Identify Outcomes and Make Predictions site description for Scholastic Study Jams: Identify Outcomes and Make Predictions
This video uses puppies to explain outcomes and predictions. See how you can make a chart to keep track. After you watch the video, you can take the quiz to test yourself.

Sort the Shapes site description for Sort the Shapes
Sort the shapes into the four boxes. Be sure to look carefully at the description of each box and then compare it to each shape

The Data Bank Research Company site description for The Data Bank Research Company
It's time to get to work at the Data Bank Research Company. It's up to you to gather, organize and display the data correctly.

Math Playground: Locate the Aliens site description for Math Playground: Locate the Aliens
Some friendly aliens have gotten lost. Find the aliens and enter their coordinates from the graph.

Interpreting Data site description for Interpreting Data
In this activity, you will survey a group of (virtual) children about their favourite hobby, favourite colour and best subject at school. Take the results and make a variety of graphs: tally charts, bar charts, pictograms.

Math Playground: Math Millionaire site description for Math Playground: Math Millionaire
"Are your math skills sharp enough to win a million dollars? Put your skills to the test in the Math Millionaire game. Questions cover a variety of topics including fractions, geometry, decimals, percentages, averages, and more. There are both word problems and computation problems. " [site]

Stock the Shelves site description for Stock the Shelves
Hit the co-ordinates to stock the shelves. When you get the right spot, a bottle cap will appear.

Line Plot Representations site description for Line Plot Representations
Create line plots with 45 coins, in 9 piles of 5. As you rearrange the piles of coins, pay attention to how the mean changes.

Comparing Slopes site description for Comparing Slopes
Change the equation by clicking on the red arrows. Watch the slope become positive or negative, and larger or smaller than 1.

Canada Data Map site description for Canada Data Map
"Information can be represented in many ways, and this applet allows the user to represent data about the provinces and territories using colors. The region with the highest data value is darkest; other regions are shaded proportionally. Investigate any of data provided — or enter data of your own!"...

Bugs in the System site description for Bugs in the System
A Hacker has infested the cybary with nasty bugs. Help fix the problem as you construct bar graphs and answer questions related to the graph's scale.

Raft Race Challenge site description for Raft Race Challenge
"In this game, students collect items needed to build a raft and enter a river race. To collect the items, they solve a variety of math problems in four locations. The conclusion of the raft race is determined by the number of activities completed." (activity description)
Displaying 13 Great Resources