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Estimating Lengths, Areas and Angles site description for Estimating Lengths, Areas and Angles
Take some of the guessing out of estimating. Work through these tutorials and exercises.

Guess the Angle site description for Guess the Angle
You can estimate either acute or obtuse angles. Just hit one of the Random buttons. You can also make it trickier by removing the protractor.

Seed Ball site description for Seed Ball
Help Tumbleweed get his seeds from the silo to his car. Use basic and advanced parts to help him build a path. Find the secret pieces to help build your path for extra points.

Golf Tee-Off site description for Golf Tee-Off
"Learn all about angle and force through this awesome mini-golf game. To play, use the controls to line up your shot using the angle and force buttons. Then click the "putt" button" (site).

KS2 Bitesize: Math - Using Angles site description for KS2 Bitesize: Math - Using Angles
Get the correct angle to squirt things with your watergun! Then determine the angles for many objects.

Poodle Weigh In site description for Poodle Weigh In
Try your hand at balancing the scales as you weigh the poodles.

Virtual Manipulatives site description for Virtual Manipulatives
Here's an excellent resource for Maths from Glencoe/McGraw-Hill. It's a flash-based set of interactive tools for elementary up to year 8. It includes standard math, as well as graph paper and other backgrounds.

Time For Time site description for Time For Time
This is a virtual analog clock. You have the ability to manipulate the clock and show the equivalent digital time if needed.

Math Playground: Math Millionaire site description for Math Playground: Math Millionaire
"Are your math skills sharp enough to win a million dollars? Put your skills to the test in the Math Millionaire game. Questions cover a variety of topics including fractions, geometry, decimals, percentages, averages, and more. There are both word problems and computation problems. " [site]

Flip Time site description for Flip Time
Flip the cards to match analog times to the corresponding readings on digital clocks.

Computation Castle site description for Computation Castle
You will need to use your math skills to convert all of the royal family from animals back into humans. Be sure to read the complete sentence for each ingredient.

Clock Works site description for Clock Works
Move the hands of the clock to the digitally displayed time. Click on the hour hand and then click on the correct 'tick' around the outside of the clock. Then, click on the minute hand and find the correct tick mark.

BBC Starship: Calamity's Quest site description for BBC Starship: Calamity's Quest
Help Captain Calamity free Princess Amber from the Evil Ruler's castle. Use your knowledge of shapes and angles to get your way around the castle.

BBC Starship: Alien Cookbook site description for BBC Starship:  Alien Cookbook
Learn all about measurement as you help Hutch bake a cake.

Bedtime Bandits site description for Bedtime Bandits
Choose your character. You will use your flashlight to blast the clock that shows the target time. The more clocks you flash, the later you get to stay up.

Dynamic Paper site description for Dynamic Paper
"Need a pentagonal pyramid that's six inches tall? Or a number line that goes from ‑18 to 32 by 5's? Or a set of pattern blocks where all shapes have one-inch sides? You can create all those things and more with the Dynamic Paper tool."

Raft Race Challenge site description for Raft Race Challenge
"In this game, students collect items needed to build a raft and enter a river race. To collect the items, they solve a variety of math problems in four locations. The conclusion of the raft race is determined by the number of activities completed." (activity description)

Cyberchase: U Fix It site description for Cyberchase: U Fix It
Fix these buildings with the help of Ziff and your tool bag. Take care to read the instructions and use the "help" screen if you get lost. It will take some real measurement and thinking to get these buildings back into top shape.

Clock site description for Clock
Learn to tell time by choosing the correct time from a selection of clocks. This is your chance to learn analog and digital time.

Platform Scales site description for Platform Scales
"One of the Gregs will drop on the scale, waiting to be weighed. You can weigh Greg by moving the larger and smaller weights to the right or left on the graduated bar. The bottom (larger) weight shows units and the top(smaller) weight shows hundredths of a gram. Move the weights until the bar is level."...

Turtle Pond site description for Turtle Pond
"Estimate length and angle measure while guiding a turtle to a pond using computer commands."

Scales Reader site description for Scales Reader
Choose from 500G up to 6 KG to test yourself and see if you can read the weight on the scales. Type in your answer and watch your score increase.

Literacy Center - clock activity site description for Literacy Center - clock activity
Use the coloured arrows to compare the analog and digital clocks on the screen.

Snapdragon: Telling the Time site description for Snapdragon: Telling the Time
Use the arrows on the big clock to set the time. Did you know that the other language is Welsh?

What time is it? site description for What time is it?
First, click on the green Start button. Then, match the analog and digital clock times.

Hitting the Target site description for Hitting the Target
Using sports, this interactive site provides learners the opportunity to review what the difference is between right angles, acute angles and obtuse angles or how to guess the size of angles.
Displaying 26 Great Resources