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Max Brooks' Zombie World site description for Max Brooks' Zombie World
Max Brooks is the author of The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z. Scroll down the page to find a short interview with Brooks. 

Biology of Zombies site description for Biology of Zombies
The video creators explore the history of zombies and their origins in Haiti. The host also explains some possible chemistry compounds that could contribute to zombie creation. 

Diefenbunker: Radiation Sniffer Game site description for Diefenbunker: Radiation Sniffer Game
You must repair the radiation sniffer at the other end of the field. Can you make it back to the bunker safely? Watch out for zombie survivors.... 

Zombies in Literature site description for Zombies in Literature
This 11-slide presentation (with presenter notes below) "looks at the history of zombies in literature and why they have such ongoing appeal". (site) 

Stanford scholar explains why zombie fascination is very much alive site description for Stanford scholar explains why zombie fascination is very much alive
"From the popularity of violent video games to the skyrocketing appeal of the zombie thriller TV show The Walking Dead, it seems like everyone is talking – at least in pop culture circles – about the apocalypse. The fascination with the end of the world, says Stanford literary scholar Angela Becerra... 
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