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bulletBlarney Castle - Visit the official site of Blarney Castle and learn all about the tradition of kissing the blarney stone. There's a great video with beautiful imagery and a detailed description of the history of the castle, the stone and the south of Ireland. site annotation for Blarney Castle

bulletSt. Patrick's Mission - This site explores the story behind Saint Patrick's life, the places he visited in Ireland, and the way he is remembered today. From Ireland's Eye. site annotation for St. Patrick's Mission

bulletCanadian Settlement: Irish - By exploring this website, students can experience the history, daily life and culture of early Irish immigrants in Canada. site annotation for Canadian Settlement: Irish

bulletMcCord Museum: Griffintown - The Irish in Montreal - Learn more about five Irish residents of Montreal. Click on the image to learn more about the man, then flip through the other images to find the one that connects them. site annotation for McCord Museum: Griffintown - The Irish in Montreal

bulletIsland Ireland - An Internet directory to Irish art, culture and environment with hand-picked links to Irish history, architecture, music, news, genealogy, travel, literature, folk culture, archaeology, the Irish language and more. site annotation for Island Ireland

bulletThe History Place: Irish Potato Famine - The History Place has a description of the Irish Potato Famine, describing life before the famine, then the blight and the many difficulties the Irish people faced. site annotation for The History Place: Irish Potato Famine

bulletAuthentic Ireland: Irish History - This Ireland site covers a number of different events and eras through Irish history, from the first settlements to the 20th century. This is a travel site; please be aware that there is related advertising along the right side. site annotation for Authentic Ireland: Irish History

bulletSchool of Canadian Irish Studies - This School, based at Concordia University in Montreal, was created to support the "study and teaching of Irish and Irish Canadian history and culture." site annotation for School of Canadian Irish Studies

bulletA Scattering of Seeds: Irish Immigration - Meet Father Bernard McGauran, an Irish immigrant who offered comfort to Irish immigrants during the Summer of Sorrow in 1847. This section addresses reasons for Irish immigration in the 1840s, arguments in Canada in the 1840s for and against Irish immigration and the hardships experienced by Irish... site annotation for A Scattering of Seeds: Irish Immigration

bulletThe Shamrock and the Maple Leaf - This is an exhibition of Irish-Canadian documentary heritage held by Library and Archives Canada. Here you will discover photographs, letters, books, music and other evidence of Ireland's vital influence on Canadian history and culture.  site annotation for The Shamrock and the Maple Leaf

bulletIn Quarantine: Life and Death on Grosse Île - This special online exhibition tells the story not only of the Grosse Île quarantine station from 1832-1937, but also of the individuals who experienced life on the island. This island was a place of misery for many of the Irish who migrated to Canada on the "coffin ships".  site annotation for In Quarantine: Life and Death on Grosse Île

bulletThe Canadian Encyclopedia: Irish Canadians - This article explains the significance of the Irish contribution to Canada. Migration and settlement, as well as social and cultural life are issues explored. There is also an explanation of the complex religious and political dynamics of the Irish in Canada.  site annotation for The Canadian Encyclopedia: Irish Canadians

bulletThe Irish in Newfoundland - Learn about the Irish population in Newfoundland, including their migration, settlement patterns, fishery involvement, culture, religion and politics. This site is an extensive look at Irish influence in Newfoundland for the past three centuries. site annotation for The Irish in Newfoundland

bulletWeb Titanic: An Irish Tribute - This is a fantastic site, filled with statistics, images, stories, and deckplans. You can find information about the building of the Titanic, as well as the timeline of events leading up to the disaster. Learn about the passengers and crew. Be sure to check out the Multimedia section for images and... site annotation for Web Titanic: An Irish Tribute


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