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Wonderopolis: What Is Pi? site description for Wonderopolis: What Is Pi?
This Wonderopolis article includes an embedded video, illustrations and description of pi. 

Numberphile Does Pi site description for Numberphile Does Pi
The entertaining Numberphile website has a YouTube playlist with videos all about Pi. There are several videos here to explore including Sounds of Pi, Pi is Beautiful, Pi Me a River and more. 

Calculating Pi with Real Pies site description for Calculating Pi with Real Pies
In this video, a mathematician attempts to calculate Pi with actual pies...hundreds of pies. Learn about the serious math involved. 

Pi and Four Fingers site description for Pi and Four Fingers
Who knew that the Simpsons could someday help you understand math? In this video, the host describes the connection between the Simpsons and the mathematical Pi. 

TED: My passion for Pi site description for TED: My passion for Pi
In this engaging five minute video, 9-year-old Chirag Singh confesses his irrational love for Pi — and not the kind you eat. He describes pi and our history of understanding and calculating pi. 

Numbers of Pi site description for Numbers of Pi
Would you like to see Pi represented as more than 3.14? How about computed to several thousand digits? 

DK Find Out: Pi site description for DK Find Out: Pi
Here's a short student-friendly description of the mathematical pi as well as an explanation of the symbol π. 

A Brief History of π site description for A Brief History of π
Pi has been known for almost 4000 years. Learn about the history of understanding this mathematical value and how it has been calculated and represented over the years. 

Visualizing Pi site description for Visualizing Pi
Check out this infographic about Pi. How can we visualize a concept that has been computed to more than a trillion digits? 

TED: The infinite life of pi site description for TED: The infinite life of pi
Did you know that we've known the number of pi for over 4,000 years? Or that the number represented by pi has infinite numerals? This video explains how pi is connected to the study of music, financial models, and even the density of the universe. 
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