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CBC Kids: Shrove Tuesday site description for CBC Kids: Shrove Tuesday
What is Shrove Tuesday all about? This article describes the tradition of eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday as well as other traditions like Mardi Gras. 

CBC Kids: All About Lent site description for CBC Kids: All About Lent
Learn about Lent, the 40 days before Easter. This article describes Ash Wednesday, Fat Tuesday and how people in different areas observe Lent. 

Passion Plays site description for Passion Plays
"Passion plays are related to medieval mysteries and highlight the events of the Easter triduum, usually from the last supper to the resurrection." (site) Explore this illustrated history of Passion Plays. 

Easter site description for Easter
This online interactive includes the Easter story, Easter as celebrated today, a short quiz and discussion topics. 

Ukrainian Easter basket: contents and meaning site description for Ukrainian Easter basket: contents and meaning
This page describes, along with colourful pictures, the meaning or significance of each food item in a traditional Easter basket. 

Awesome Stories: Easter Story site description for Awesome Stories: Easter Story
This is a re-telling of the Easter story, from the raising of Lazarus from the dead, through the trials and resurrection. There are links to maps of the Biblical locations, paintings that depict certain scenes and clips from a 1965 movie called "The Greatest Story Ever Told".  

All About the Holidays: Easter site description for All About the Holidays: Easter
This animated video from PBS Learning describes the origins and history of Easter celebrations. 

They Call It Easter - The Easter Story site description for They Call It Easter - The Easter Story
"These pages use pictures selected from various Web art galleries to stimulate discussion and debate about the events which form the Easter story, the people who were involved, and the people who have explored the story for two thousand years since then." (site) 

Journey through Lent site description for Journey through Lent
"Key traditions and events as well as Christian teachings are explored in this unit of work relating to Lent." (site) Includes teacher notes, student activities and a quiz.  

The Easter Story site description for The Easter Story
This is an illustrated, online book telling the Easter story. 

How to Put Together a Traditional Easter Basket site description for How to Put Together a Traditional Easter Basket
This page has a diagram of the contents in a traditional Easter basket. There is also an explanation of why each item is symbolically important. 
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