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Student Interactives


bulletHistory of Canada Day - Learn more about the history of Canada Day (formerly Dominion Day). You can read some of the actual newspaper announcements by clicking on links throughout the text. site annotation for History of Canada Day


bulletCanada Day – How It Was Then - View images of Canada Days gone by — when it was called Dominion Day. site annotation for Canada Day – How It Was Then


bulletLibrary and Archives Canada: Confederation for Kids - This website is intended for young people (9 to 13) who are learning about how Canada became a country. It is organized for students to look at confederation from the beginnings, to the provinces as they came to be part of confederation to the important people who played significant roles in confederation.... site annotation for Library and Archives Canada: Confederation for Kids


bulletMcCord Museum: Confederation: The Creation of Canada - This site provides students with a virtual tour of the museum's paintings, images and artifacts that relate to the people, places and events surrounding the Confederation movement in the mid 1800's.  site annotation for McCord Museum: Confederation: The Creation of Canada


bulletCBC Archives: John A. MacDonald: Architect of Canada - The CBC Archives has a collection of media about John A. MacDonald. Browse through the selections to choose a topic. site annotation for CBC Archives: John A. MacDonald: Architect of Canada


bulletCanadian Confederation - This collection of documents, articles and photographs showcases the people, places and events that have shaped Canada from 1867 to the present. From Library and Archives Canada. site annotation for Canadian Confederation


bulletCanada at a Glance - "Canada at a Glance" is a free booklet that contains over fifty tables from Statistics Canada. Updated yearly, it is a very useful reference for those who want quick access to current Canadian statistics. site annotation for Canada at a Glance


bulletCool Canada - This site highlights some of people, places, inventions, events and achievements that make Canada a great country.  site annotation for Cool Canada


bulletThe evolution of English–French bilingualism in Canada from 1961 to 2011 - This is a brief history of the evolution of bilingualism in Canada. site annotation for The evolution of English–French bilingualism in Canada from 1961 to 2011


bulletOrigin of the Name Canada - This page explains the origin of the name Canada. Learn about the aboriginal roots of "Canada". site annotation for Origin of the Name Canada


bulletDiscover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship - This guide, produced by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, is studied by people applying for Canadian citizenship. It contains a great deal of useful information about Canada and is available online and in PDF format.  site annotation for Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship


bulletCanada by Design - View these photos and read the descriptions of the selection of Ottawa as our capital, and the building of the Parliament Buildings. site annotation for Canada by Design


bulletFraming Canada: A Photographic Memory - Explore Canada's history through photographs, including influential Canadians, Canadians at work, and more. site annotation for Framing Canada: A Photographic Memory


bulletFirst Among Equals - Children's Version - Information on Canada's Prime Ministers, written for children in grades 4 to 6. This site includes profiles, photos, games and resources for children and teachers. site annotation for First Among Equals - Children's Version


bulletThe Prime Ministers of Canada - This Parliamentary site presents brief biographies of all of Canada's prime ministers. "This unique collection highlights the political and electoral histories of our Prime Ministers and includes biographical details. When available, a bibliography of selected publications for each Prime Minister is... site annotation for The Prime Ministers of Canada


bulletCharlottetown Conference of 1864 - This website covers the key issues and events at the Charlottetown Conference of 1864. It also features biographical profiles and an impressive collection of archival photographs and documents. From Library and Archives Canada.  site annotation for Charlottetown Conference of 1864


bulletCN Images of Canada Gallery: A Canadian History - Choose from a long list of topics -- including agriculture, aviation, railways, natural resources, industry, people, roads, communication and more -- to find original historic photos. site annotation for CN Images of Canada Gallery: A Canadian History