Back 2School - Teacher Edition - a special edition

Welcome back to a new school year! has many resources that will make your work life
easier and more efficient, not to mention enriching for your students!
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Parents The website:
  • is our main portal containing many resources for student, teacher and parent use.

  • is searchable for websites in our database or the images in our gallery.

    We have over 11,000 pre-screened websites related to Alberta curricular outcomes, professional learning and research.

    Our image gallery has over 3600 copyright free images for use in classrooms by teachers and students.

  • has 5 individual student websites linked on the right-hand column. For more information on each, check out the Back2School student links.

  • contains timely resources - Enjoy pages (pre-screened seasonal links) and Special Editions (pre-selected links on a current event - including multimedia).

Details on's Teacher Support Sites

The website:
  • an aggregate of selected tools, apps and extensions with teacher support resources

  • for your reference, a selection of foundational pedagogies and practices are provided

  • this set of resources is constantly updated

The 2Include Me website:
  • provides rich resources to foster the use of technology in the classroom for all learners

  • provides UDL and Differentiated Instruction theoretical resources and practical suggestions

  • has a broad selection of AT resources and tools for use in the classroom

2Include Me
The Tools for Teachers website:
  • provides a selection of tools, apps and extensions to support your work, save you time and create efficiencies - in browser tools, classroom management, communication and curation, time management, feedback, logistics and more

  • narrow your choice by clicking on web 2.0 tools, apps, web apps and extensions

  • currently has over 80 resources to choose from

  • now includes's classic 'oldies but goodies' printables

Tools for Teachers
The at Hand website:
  • provides multiple resources to support transformational teaching and learning with mobile devices

  • provides device considerations, resources and practical suggestions

  • provides theory and evaluative tools for considering mobile apps at Hand
The Your Digital Presence website:
  • provides the latest on copyright and teaching, as well as creative commons use

  • provides methods for tracking digital presence on the web. What is your digital footprint?

  • offers web 2.0 tool instruction with digital citizenship/presence awareness embedded

  • provides extensive pre-screened weblinks on digital citizenship elements
Your Digital Presence
Each Gateways 2Learning website, based on a theme, includes:
  • curricular fit

  • classroom activities (print and IWB teacher resources)

  • recommended tools and apps for teacher and student use

  • pre-screened websites organized by grade and also by interactivity. Teacher resources and a searchable feature add value to the selection

  • a gallery of copyright free images for educational use