469 - here it is -
  • Should farmers be allowed to fill in wetlands?
  • Should developers be encouraged to create wetlands in new housing communities?
  • Are man-made wetlands as effective as natural wetlands?
  • How would our environment be affected if there were no wetlands?
  • What would the wetlands animals/insects/plants say about their habitat?
  • What is the impact of beaver dams and lodges on the wetlands environment?
  • What do we know about wetlands from this image?
  • When comparing this environment to a lake, what are the similarities and differences?
  • How are wetlands beneficial to animals?
  • How would you describe the image to others?
  • What caption would you write for this image?
  • How does the beaver modify its surroundings to suit its needs?
  • What is the structure in the middle of the pond?
  • What animal lives in the structure?
  • What ecosystem is necessary for this animal’s habitat?
  • Where was this picture taken?
  • In which season was this photo taken?
  • What do you see in the image?