365 - here it is -
  • What is the best way to count the triangles in this image?
  • How important is accurate measurement in the construction of this sculpture? In everyday life?
  • Are triangles the best shapes to use as the main form of the wings?
  • How important is public art?
  • What would a mathematician say about this sculpture?
  • How do the shapes contribute to the overall stability of the structure?
  • What other geometric shapes could you use to create this sculpture?
  • Why might this sculpture have been built?
  • How do the shapes present in the statue contribute to the overall effect of the meaning of the statue?
  • How are the shapes used in this sculpture to distribute the weight?
  • How would you describe the pattern of shapes in this image?
  • In what order would you assemble/disassemble this structure?
  • How would you describe the image to others?
  • Select or show the isosceles/equilateral /scalene triangles.
  • How many acute angles are in this picture?
  • Identify angles that are congruent
  • Identify shapes that are congruent
  • How many different shapes do you see in this picture?
  • Identify shapes that are the same size.
  • How many triangles are in this picture?